What I did over the weekend – 12/9/2011

I decided to start making new blog posts each week based on what I did over the weekend. I will be posting it on the Monday, so I have to live the full weekend before I bore you to death with stories.

Really all I did over the weekend was play Dead Island, which I have to say is the best game this month. The hype was very well deserving, the graphics, sound and game play are epic.  I cannot praise the game enough, you’ll have to play it for your self. The Chrome 5 engine really shines on all versions of the game. Since I got it on Friday I am 61% through the game. I did have some issues such as Dying a lot, but the penalty for death is having your money taken away, and re spawning. (Much like Borderlands)


Sadly I do not have the budget to purchase all the games I wanted on Friday. So with any luck this week I’ll get my hands on another game, but at he same time I am trying to limit my spending, as I don’t want to be pennyless over Xmas.

I also managed to FINALLY tidy up my room, which was to aid in getting my old grey TV out. Since I was tidying up I figured I might as well do the computer desk and decided to move a few things around.

Before my desk was cluttered with rubbish, and I had my Xbox, my HDTV, my Desktop PC and my Laptop all on the same desk and space was getting limited. Luckilly onlythe grey TV had gone, it’s stand is still useful as storage for my games and DVD’s, but it als0 served as a great place for my Xbox and HDTV.

Here is what the set ups look like now (images taken with the iPod touch)

Computer Desk

The Desk is now clean.
MY computer desk after I tidied up. Note that the Desktop PC has not been moved.

Xbox Set Up

The Xbox Set up
This is the Xbox Set Up. Note the portable HDD being used as a backup. The games are at the bottom.

As for that all I did was download more games on Steam, oh and I almost forgot I gave the pre-release version of Minecraft a try and it’s pretty good, they just need to get rid of the FPS drops and it will be perfect, however 1.8 seems to cater for the Single player mode rather than Multiplayer. I love the NPC Village idea, and I think 1.8 is going to be the best update for Minecraft yet.


Anyway thanks for reading, it’s been too long since I posted an image to a blog post and I hope you’ll all read again next week when I’ll have my new chair and a new game.


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