New DLC: Minecraft – Mass Effect Edition

When you see the title you might instantly think that its simply another skin pack, and doesn’t add any new features to the game … right?  Well you’re wrong, read on to find out more.

I created a post a few months back about how the console version of Minecraft might be getting  texture pack support.   Well it seems that its finally happening.

English: Mass Effect logo, cropped in Photoshop.
English: Mass Effect logo, cropped in Photoshop. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You see the new DLC for Minecraft on Xbox is a Mass Effect themed DLC which includes texture packs, Skins and a new world called “Mars outpost” for you to explore, it also has new UI elements and a new title screen background to match the Mass Effect experience.

This is probably the first of many expansion packs like this to come to the Xbox version of Minecraft.  Previously all we saw were skin packs to dress up your character and frequent updates.

I am assuming that the Mars Outpost world will be some sort of objective based world, like many mods for the PC version have done already.  I’m also assuming that there will be hidden music discs like there is in the tutorial world or some other secret.

It also features 22 music tracks from the Mass Effect series.

Packs like this are being called “Mash Up” packs. The ability to add these packs was added in the latest title update. So it does stand to reason that we might be seeing more of these packs make an appearance.

Just think you’ll be able to make a futuristic looking house, and you’ll truly be a “Shepard” … with all the sheep and stuff.

If your on the PC version I wouldn’t worry too much, I can’t see it taking long for someone to port over all of the Mass Effect stuff to the PC version and if they do at least you’ll get it for free right? So everyone wins.

The new DLC is released tomorrow and is priced at $4(US) or £2.70. However the final price is probably going to be roughly £3.99 or 400MSP.

Check out the trailer for the upcoming DLC below.

What do you think about this update? Have you been waiting for this? What other mashup packs do you think they’ll make? Let me know what you think in the comments below.


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