20/09/2011 – YouTube video updates.

I know that you are all sick of reading through endless update posts, and I can sympathise with you.

Anyway this is again another update post, as this is a major update I decided it was worth a blog post of it’s own, and plus it is something I am very excited about, and may help gain more subscribers on YouTube, but we shall see.

One question I get asked is why I do not make any gaming videos, well I have done in the past but I quickly cannot be bothered making any more, as using fraps on my PC was eating up my HDD space, and it made editing the videos a nightmare as Sony vegas at the time didn’t like me.

However I am happy to announce that I am getting a Hauppage HD PVR and Sony Vegas software so I can capture gameplay footage from my console and upload it to YouTube,  however the one thing is what kind of gaming videos people want to see. I could do lets plays, but my main idea is to make a CoD progression series, where I start off MW3 Multiplayer, and I make videos on the matches I play and then you can see how I am progressing.  I may even throw in some Griefing videos.

I think this will be a big boost, plus I have friends who are experienced LPers so if I need any help I’ll just ask around.
I really want to see how good I can be at making gaming videos.  Hopefully this will attract a wider audience to my channel. I am thinking about making some dead island videos, with some tips and tricks for the game.


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