FAQ #2 – 02/09/2011

Here is the second session of my FAQ series.

Do companies send stuff for you to review?
No they don’t sadly.

How can you afford all your tech?
I have a job and I save up for it. All the tech in my room was purchased nothing was sent to me.

Why don’t you make phone case reviews?
Phone cases are boring, and I don’t see the point in making a review on a cheap plastic case.

Do you follow a lot of tech news?
Sadly these days “Tech” is actaully “Buisness” as all the tech news I’ve seen this year alone as been about who has the most money and who Apple sued recently.  Tech news to me, is about new tech coming out.

Where do you get all your gaming news from?
I read computer and video games a lot. As they are the only website that actually posts on a regular basis, and that isn’t flooded with cooperate news. I am very interested in their W.R.O.N.G campaign which is aimed at putting at stop to people who say games cause violence, recently WRONG picked on “Super Nanny” who Balmed games for the London riots.

Which Console(s) do you own?
I own a 4GB Xbox 360, 80GB PS3, and a shitendo(AKA nintendo) wii.

What games are you planning to get next?
Well today I am planning on getting Bodycount, next week I am getting Dead Island and Space Marine, then in November I am getting MGS HD collection and Battlefield 3.


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