Update: Self Hosted Wordpres Build

I’ve had this blog for a very long time and since I’m posting more content to it, I thought now might be the right time to transfer this blog over to a self hosted website.  This might however take a couple of days to sort out, so in the meantime I’ll be keeping this blog open while I work on it, and it will also be handy as a back up just in case anything goes wrong.

Since I use wordpress.com for this blog there might be a few issues.  I’ll lose the excellent Akismet spam protection, I’ll lose Zemanta and I’ll also lose the recommended tagging system along with all the images.  Hopefully I can export the full library of images across and not have to worry about it.

As for those who have subscribed to the blog don’t worry, all I need to do is use the Jetpack plugin and once its activated I’ll have to ask the wordpress.com team to transfer the subscribers over to the new domain.


What host are you going to use?

I am going to use Zen hosting because its cheap and it comes with cPanel. Which is a great file manager that I’m familiar with.  While the hosting package I am using isn’t the biggest or best it will serve for a simple blog.

Will you have to reintegrate your social networks?

Hopefully this will be an easy thing to sort out.  All I’d have to do with the Facebook page is change the URL of the blog to the new domain. I’ll also be looking into plugins which allow people to comment as one of their social networks.

Will you be shutting down the wordpress.com version?

As I said above no.  Once the transfer is complete and everything is sorted I’ll set this blog to private in case anything goes wrong I have a back up blog already up and running.

Will there be any ads?

NO! As I said on Twitter I will have a no Ad policy.  I pay for all my games, so why shouldn’t I pay for hosting out of my own pocket?  Ads can also slow down a website too, and I don’t want to go to all the trouble of having to code in the space for the ads.

However if you still feel like using AdBlocker then go ahead, I use it myself so it doesn’t bother me that much.

What theme will it use?

Since I change themes often I can’t say.  I really like the theme this blog has on now, apart from the font. However I’ll see what themes I have to play with once I get everything sorted out.

The beauty of a self hosted WordPress build is that I should be able to adjust any themes myself. Hopefully I can find a good one that I can use. However this may incur an additional cost, so fingers crossed I find a decent free theme to use.

What purpose would it serve?

Well you see I can use this blog to post quick tech guides and this will help me get a job in the future as I’ll have something to show to a potential employer.

I can also use the blog as a real blog and have my own place on the web.  Of course I’ll be improving it over time.

What will you do about spam?

Since Aksimet is a paid service when self hosting, I’ll have to manage any spam myself. Hopefully it won’t get to the point where I have to close it down.  I’ll see what free plugins are available.

Can I donate?

Not sure how this will be done.  something I would have to think about. But likely I won’t be taking donations.

Can I be a writer?

Sorry but I am not adding any writers at this time, this is due in part to me only trusting people who I personally know, and none of them are tech savvy enough to write for a tech blog.

What will change content wise?

Not much, content will remain largely the same with the main changes being the URL and the locations of images and the theme might see some changes too. If the images do break then I’ll have to get some of the more recent images back.

If there are no ads how will you fund the hosting and domain costs?

Out of my own pocket considering I actually have a job at the moment.   You’re also forgetting the cost of any themes that I might use too.  In short it will be expensive but worth it.

I’d like to do this with my own blog but I don’t want to fork out any money, what can I do?

Use 000Webhost, its free but it’s not that reliable and it will shut down your account if you don’t log in once a week. You can even do a WordPress build on there and then import all your stuff from your old blog.  I would have used 000Webhost myself but as I said, it’s not reliable enough and is prone to bugs and glitches.

What plugins will you use?

I’m going to try and stick to using free plugins. Of course I’ll be using the Jetpack plugin so I can use some features from wordpress.com on my new blog.  I’ll also need some spam protection and some social network integration just to make my blog appeal to more people so thet don’t have to create a wordpress account to comment.

What will the new blog’s URL be?

http://www.illage2.com   I’ll have to go back through all my YouTube videos and update the descriptions.  It also gives me the ability to set the blog up as an official website meaning I can use annotations to link to the blog.  Meaning everything will be linked together and more accessible to my “fans” on YouTube.


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