News: PSN Welcome back content revealed.

The details about the content that Sony is offering via the welcome back programme have been revealed today.

PS3 and PSP Owners will gain access to two free games from the following.

PS3 Content

  • Infamous
  • Wipeout Fury
  • Stardust HD
  • Dead Nation
  • Little Big planet.
PSP Content
  • Little Big Planet (PSP)
  • ModNation Racers
  • Pursuit Force
  • Killzone Liberation
The games will be freely available for 30 days following the PS store relaunch later this month.
Also Sony are offering  a free weekend of movie rentals, details around this will be revealed at a later date. Along with this Music unlimited members will be given an extra 30 days added to thier subscription.

Everyone will also be given a 30 day subscription to PS Plus, and those who were already on PS Plus will get another 30 days added.

Also, there will be over 100 virtual items up for free on Playstation home.

None of this will be available until Sony completes the second phase of the PSN restoration, which involves the store.

The free content is somewhat disappointing. I already own infamous, and have no interest in the other games aside from dead nation. It seems Sony are getting rid of the games people don’t want, although it is free Sony could have done better.
The PS Plus 30 days gives access to some good offers and free PS1 classics for the 30 days of your subscription. Also PS plus gives access to sync game saves with the cloud, much like steam has done with many other games. You also might gain access to early beta’s and game demos.
Not too mention the free stuff on PS home.

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