For those who watch my YouTube video blogs, you’ll notice that my room looks like a…. well…. badly decorated house. I keep getting complaints from people watching my videos, telling me both agressivly and peacefully to get my room decorated.

I have always had to tell people no because I have never had the money in the past. … well not enough money to decorate my room any way.

Well, I’ve been saving up my money for a few months now and have got enough money to start getting my room decorated and tidied up. I am sick of it looking like it is and it really needs improving.


I am (hoping) to get laminate flooring as the carpet is worn and needs changing. Laminate is cheap and easy to install, and since my room isn’t all that big it wouldn’t cost me too much.


Originally I was planning on getting some backing paper and painting it, but that is more time and money consuming so I am going for just wallpaper.  I have not yet chosen a wallpaper yet.


The bed I want to get is a high rise bed, with a desk under it. That way everything will be in one place and will open up more room for shelving unit or TV.

However before all this commences, I need to tidy the room (which means binning nearly everything) and then chopping up my older bed, and taking it to the skip.

The we have to move my computer desk which is big into another room for a while.

My old TV is going to be the challenge, it is a monster it took nearly a full day to get it into my room, it is going to be a challenge getting it down stairs and in the tip.

The big black chair in my room is going.

Rest of my room is just going to be tided. As for where I am going to sleep, I’ll be keeping the matress in my room, so I can sleep on it.

Before any of this commences I need to have a look around, see what wallpaper I want, and also see what  bed I want.


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