News: Playstation Network and SOE are back online …partially.

You’ll all know that the Playstation Network and Sony Online entertainment are at least partially back online. Sony has managed to get the online gaming, trophies, chat, messages and friends back on.

However Sony have announced that the PS store will not be back until the end of the month, so the welcome back programme’s free content will not be available until then. While reading the Eu Playstation blog, Nick Caplin said in a comment that Sony plans to reveal details regarding the free content sometime this week.

Also there was more downtime for PSN in the UK as the servers were overloaded with password reset requests, which meant Sony had to turn PSN off again for a 30min (according to Nick Caplin on the PS Blog) to free up the server space.  Also Sony have advised people to stop sending multiple password reset requests, as ISP’s are “Throttling” them. (Basically stopping them from going through).  The short downtime was from 9:45pm(GMT) and I have no idea if this short downtime affected other countries too.

However through Google searching, there are one or two rumors going around that suggest PSN is still not back for Japan. Although this is understandable (given the recent tsunami/quake) the rumors remain pure speculation at best. If there is more proof I’ll post it on twitter.

I would also like to send my condelcnes to the families who lost loved ones during the tsunami/quake. I know that it’s a stressful time for you, and that you are trying your best. Keep it up Japan you have a supporter here.

This is also good news for SOE players. (DC Universe etc) as SOE is coming back online very soon as well. Sony have announced that you’ll all get an extra month for free via the welcome back programme.

One thing that people have noticed about the PSN websites is that the little “Off and On” sign in the top right corner keeps switching on and off. This has no relation to PSN it’s self and appears to be a simple error on the website which Sony can fix when they get the time.

Kazuo Hiari him self went onto camera to announce the PSN re-launch which was seen by some as a good move, as it shows that the Sony cares about it’s customers. (You can watch the announcement below)

Blog Link [ ]


Overall I am very pleased that Sony took the time to make sure an attack like this doesn’t happen again. However I don’t think we should sit down too soon, for every system there are people who will try and break into it. Hopefully the new security system will stop the hackers for a very long time.

I was able to play Call of Duty last night and link my Steam and PSN accounts, just before PSN went offline again. I have to say that I missed playing online. The connection was fairly good, games were smooth, I only had one host switch but that did not disconnect the game.

Sadly through this outage PSN has lost some customers with people running out to buy an Xbox. However this did not hamper PS3 sales in USA and EU despite the outage the EU PS3 market is larger than the EU Xbox market.

I’ll be sure to keep you all up-to-date with the PSN news as it happens.

Thanks for reading.


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