Because this blog hasn’t had a “Terms of use” or rules.  I decided that I should lay down some basic terms of use, and what process I take when I see hateful comments.

What you shouldn’t post in comments

Having your own opinion is fine.  Its what the comments section is there for.  However I need to have some order in the comments in regards to whats acceptable to post and what isn’t.


I will not tolerate any kind of discrimination in the comments.  This includes racist remarks.  Its bullying and its disgusting behaviour and I will not allow it on this blog.

Any one posting comments like this will be black listed without warning and not able to post comments.


While Akismet does a decent job of filtering out spam. Some legitimate commenters feel the need to advertise their blog too.  Now you’ll notice I make links to other blog posts relevent to the blog topic.  This is no spam.  What is spam is posting a link in the comments without a good enouh description or reason as to why we should click that link.

Spam will be banned outright if its found, and I’ll add your IP to the blacklist.

Flame Wars

Although I encourage healthy debate in the comments, please don’t ignite a flame war.  Flame wars do nothing but give people a place to bully one another based on personal preference.   There’s nothing wrong with having an opinion but don’t be a bully about it.

I will not ban outright if a flame war starts, but I will intervene and if it continues, bans will be made.


Copying Images/content

Most images I use on my blog posts I found on Google image search, so its up to you if you want to use that specific image on your own blog.  Any original images that I have created (sucg as the blogs icon) are not to be used without my permission.

Embedded videos on the other hand can be used as you wish,  BUT NO DOWNLOADING! You can embed one of my videos on your site, but don’t download it and re-upload the video.



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