The review policy is to let you all know about my methods for reviewing a game, and how I review them.  I’ll also be answering some questions you might have.

How I pay for all my games

Although I won’t discuss my financial situation with you all, I pay for all my games out of my own pocket.  I don’t get review copies, I don’t work for some massive video game review website and I don’t get paid by any developers or publishers to make a review. All reviews are done off my own back and out of my own pocket.  In fact I have actually refused several invites to join networks devoted to video game reviews as I don’t need to join them.

When I make reviews

Since I am not a “Professional Reviewer” I make reviews of video games after I have completed them.  This means I have a better understanding of the game and how everything works and how it all comes together.  Most “professional” reviewers only get a couple of hours. This makes a review a bit unfair as the reviewer will not have a full understanding of the game, as they’ve not experienced enough of it.

I have decided that for some games I’ll also include the multiplayer in my review, but the game has to be BIG on it, like CoD or Battlefield for example.  Just to make it clear though, I will review the multiplayer by what it offers, and not by it being laggy.  If a multiplayer mode has no players I will make reference to that, so that you know that there’s no point in buying a specific title for multiplayer only. However if I review a game without reviewing the multiplayer mode then don’t worry about it, I don’t play multiplayer segments of games that often so I usually don’t include them in a review.

If the game is an open world game then I will not complete the game fully before I write a review, as I don’t have the time to sit there and play through a really long open world game from start to finish. This includes games like GTA and Saints Row.



What games I review

I review pretty much any game I want to review.  I tend to review the Xbox 360 version of the games as it’s in my room so it’s a lot easier to access and play through the game.  Also in regards to downloadable games, I try to avoid video reviews as there is no physical case to show and I don’t have the time to edit the video together.  In most cases for downloadable games I’ll make a blog style review instead.

You may also notice some DLC reviews.  When I review DLC I do keep the review of the vanilla game in mind.  The DLC reviews will focus solely on the content the DLC provides, and this I hope helps you make your mind up on whether you should spend the money on DLC for a specific game.

I also do not review iOS or Android games and I am not a heavy mobile gamer and I generall don’t like gaming on those platforms.

As for PC game reviews. I do not have a mega gaming computer, all have is a laptop and a 3-year-old mini desktop PC. So its more difficult for me to review PC games, however I will on rare occasions review a PC game.


How I write/produce reviews

I simply say what I like and don’t like about a video game, which is the whole point of a review anyway.  I also try to avoid going into massive detail as I know that many people out there don’t want to spend ages reading.

You will also notice that I do not assign any scores to my reviews.  This is due to the fact that people take these scores to literally. For example people seem to think that 5/10 = Bad and that 8/10 = Good.  I find this to distract people from reading the full review, and as such I do not do it.  Instead, I summarise the good and bad about a video game, its more detailed and easier to read.

To make written reviews I use the free domain as its a great platform for blogging without having to fork out money for server costs etc. I might be cheap, but it works.

If an update to a game makes the game better then  I will try and update my original review with the updates, but these updates must make a game better.

Why my reviews seem good?

When I look back at my reviews I realise that I myself am too generous to some video games.  I never seem to review a bad game, as I said at the top of this page I buy all my games with my own money and I certainly won’t spend it on a game that I would consider bad. Although in some cases, a game I look forward too like Duke Nukem forever for example, fails to impress me.

Okay so that’s about it for the review policy.   Any new reviews will have this page linked to it so you all get an understanding of my reviews.


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