Its been a while since I posted here.

If you haven’t found out already, I have moved to another new website to do all my blogging.  The new website is  the reason for this move is so I can get my own URL and have full control over the wordpress installation and I am able to make use of plugins.

I’d like to thank everyone for their support over the years and if you want to continue supporting me, just go to my new blog and read the posts over there.



Moved over to a new blog.

Hey all,  just letting you know that I will no longer be updating this blog as I have now moved to the new blog any new posts from me will be found on there but I’ll be keeping this blog around as a back up of sorts.

The Facebook page has changed to reflect these new changes but all new posts will auto publish to twitter and Facebook just like they did for this one.

Again please see for any and all new posts, I’ve put a lot of time getting it up and it would be nice to see you all there.





Update: Self Hosted Wordpres Build

I’ve had this blog for a very long time and since I’m posting more content to it, I thought now might be the right time to transfer this blog over to a self hosted website.  This might however take a couple of days to sort out, so in the meantime I’ll be keeping this blog open while I work on it, and it will also be handy as a back up just in case anything goes wrong.

Since I use for this blog there might be a few issues.  I’ll lose the excellent Akismet spam protection, I’ll lose Zemanta and I’ll also lose the recommended tagging system along with all the images.  Hopefully I can export the full library of images across and not have to worry about it.

As for those who have subscribed to the blog don’t worry, all I need to do is use the Jetpack plugin and once its activated I’ll have to ask the team to transfer the subscribers over to the new domain.

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