Update: I’M BACK!

After a long week in North Wales I am now back in work and back at home and now that I’ve had some rest I can finally stat upating everyone.

Truth be told I actually got back home on Saturday last week, but I didn’t really use my computer that much on the account that I was playing both Saints Row IV and The Brueau way too much and it made my eyes look evil lol.

I did actually release a massive load of stress when playing Saints Row IV because it wound me up that much.  It was good to release the stress however.

I would have posted photos etc while I was away but for some reason my 3G access was really slow and I didn’t want to have to wait ages to upload a picture to twitter.  I could however access my tweets (albiet barley) so I wasn’t 100% out of the loop so to speak.

Sadly this year I didn’t go crazy when buying stuff in game and this year I had money with me, but I didn’t spend it all in one go which is something new for me, usually when I have money its spent in five mins.  I did end up getting The Brueau on Xbox though.

As I stated in thw Tweet above I am massivly overweight (yes I am not actually ashamed to admit it), and I am going to do something about it.  You see I have a fatty liver and I need to make it better by eating healthly and getting more exercise so I have decided to start eating healthy food from now on.

I only want to lose weight because of my health, not my apperance.   If I keep up with eating all this unhealthy food I’ll end up needing a liver transplant or I could end up dead.  I don’t want a liver transplant because someone else may need one and its not right that I should get one if I’ve done this to myself.

I will lose weight, I will be healthy and I will survive this.  I’m not gonna die from eating too much.  So far I’ve switched to semi-skimmed milk, and I’m having jacket potato with tuna for lunch and then for dinner tonight I’m having low fat tomato soup.


It feels good to be back,  thanks for reading and look out for future content.






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