Bye bye video Responses.

Its time to hear people complain about a useful and needed update to YouTube.  A feature is being taken away that not many people used. Read on to find out more about this new update.

YouTube are actually removing the video responses feature, which I think from a financial standpoint is a good move.  There’s no point in leaving a feature on that only has a 000.4% click through rate, which in english means that only 4 out of every million video responses are actually watched. Not to mention that YouTube would have to pay web developers to maintain that feature.

However YouTube are replacing this feature with the ability to add a link to a video in a comment.  Which graphically is a lot more pleasing, but I do have concerns that this might increase the number of spam comments, so hopefully YouTube give uploaders the option of disabling video links in comments so that no one can see them.

However on the flip side one might consider video responses to be a good way of getting your content out there.  You respond to a popular video and someone might just click on it and you’ll likely end up getting a subscriber out of it. However the chance of this actually happening is very slim.

If you really want to make like a community where people can upload their own videos then make a channel for them to do it, get people to send you the videos via email and then upload it to that channel. Like MegaByteTV for example.


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