New Video: Installing WordPress with XAMP

Hey everyone, thought I’d share my latest video with you all.  This video is about installing WordPress using XAMP.  The process is simple enough for anyone to follow even if you don’t have any web development experience.

Download Links

XAMPP Download – [ ]

XAMPP Linux Download – [ ]

MAMP (XAMPP for Mac Users) – [ ]

The interface may be different on the Mac but the method is still the same you still get a htdocs folder and you still get a localhost and a HTDocs folder.  Make sure you download the free version as you won’t be needing the Pro Version for this specific tutorial.

WordPress Download – [ ]

You might also need to get an extracting application to extract the zip file if your on Windows.  Just make sure that you download the right version for your system.  Mac and Linux users sould have this functionality built in.

7Zip Download – [ ]

Just take note that when you do this via localhost the WordPress installation will not actually be live on the internet.  If you wanted to make it live you would have to export the database and upload it to the new webserver and then upload the WordPress files to the same web server to get it to work.

If you want to practice this on a real web server then give 000webhost a try.  Its free hosting and can do a simple WordPress installation.  The method is the same but since its free hosting don’t expect it to be perfect, there’ll be a few bugs and glitches here and there.  Doing this will allow you to send people a link so they can check out the website and its a real live website.

The blog that your reading this on is actually not hosted by  webhost.  It uses the free hosting instead allowing me to get a blog up and running quickly.


Thanks for checking out the video and this post and stay tuned for more content.



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