Rant: Twitter abuse petition is sexist.

I was looking around the internet as this whole twitter abuse stuff has me interested. I noticed there was a petition going out to get a report/block feature added to twitter when there already is one. The rant is not aimed at that though.  Read on for the rant.

The sexist petition


Have a read of that petition, it talks about Twitter abuse, and how it should stop.  I agree abuse on any website is wrong and having a block/report button on the tweets them selves is actually a good idea even though twitter already has a report and a block feature.  I do think these features should be highlighted a bit better so people are aware of them.

So why is it Sexist you might add.  I’ll quote what I’m referring too.

“Women standing up to abuse should not fear having their accounts cancelled because Twitter fail to see the issue at hand.”

“The report abuse button needs to be accompanied by Twitter reviewing the T&C on abusive behavior to reflect an awareness of the complexity of violence against women, and the multiple oppressions women face”

Now read those quotes …… what’s wrong with them you might ask?

The petition makes out that its only Women who are victims and men who are the perpetrators, and that IS NOT TRUE!  I myself have faced abuse at the hands of both men and women (and funnily enough the first death threat I got was from a woman).  Women are just as bad (and sometimes worse) than men on the internet.

Why are we men being targeted?  Tell me, have I abused any woman on twitter? I must have because I’m a man……do you see what I am talking about?

I thought that we left the era of “Oppression” against women, and I thought the term Equal Rights meant something.   Its complete and utter bullshit, and I’m not going to allow Twitter or a bunch of sexist women (and Cameron) make me feel like I’m a criminal when I haven’t done anything wrong.

OH WAIT I FORGOT! This blog post must be offensive towards women because it was written by a man ….. so I expect to be arrested by the end of the weekend for simply expressing an un-popular opinion.

I encourage you to sign the petition but please do so not just for women, but to stop abuse against everyone, because as much as I don’t like the sexism surrounding the petition, it is trying to do something good at the end of the day.

Check out the second related article below(the one in bold).  Yes it’s from the telegraph, but it gives a fair opinion on the subject and it also reinforces an earlier post I did regarding blocking people on social networks and how easy it is.


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