Advice: Negative comments.

Twitter has been getting a lot of flack lately because of the abuse people have been getting on there.  It annoys me that people don’t know how to deal with this effectively without going crazy.  You’d be surprised with how easy it is to NOT see this stuff, and you as a user have that power. So in this post I’m going to give some advice as I’ve had my fair share of death threats, threats of attack, and abuse.


I started with YouTube first as its the social network I am most commonly affiliated with.

If you’ve been subscribed to my channel in 2009/2010 then you’ll know just how much hate I got, admittedly I went about all that the wrong way, and created “Name & Shame” videos to put these haters on the spot. Doing this eventually got me banned, but that made me realize that Name and Shames were wrong.   What I do now is I just block, delete and move on.   There’s no point in wasting my time dealing with these people,  As MobilePhone2003 said, negative comments still count as comments, they still count as a view, more views means your placed higher up on the YouTube search engine which attracts more legitimate viewers.

Bottom line for people on YouTube, is that if you don’t get any hate at all you’re not doing it right.

I never Named & Shamed the death threats, as some of them did get pretty extreme, but all of these threats were empty and were based off them simply not liking my videos. I never called the police when this happened either because there was no need to waste their time (and to an extent tax payers money) on trying to deal with people like this.

There are multiple categories of hater on YouTube.  I will explain below each one and what each one does.

The trolls

Trolls are the most common type of hater and all they usually do is leave nasty messages.  As I said above a simple block and delete is all that’s needed to deal with these pests. They usually cannot spell and will attempt to trick you into hating on them back.  Don’t give in.  If you want to have a little fun with them, send them a thoughtful, well spelled, and logical reply and the trolls will feel like they’ve been owned.

The critics

The second class of hater are what I call “The Critics” all they do is go around pointing out mistakes with your videos.  You might think this is useful, now there’s nothing wrong with a bit of constructive criticism.  The critics are not constructive, for example they may say things like “Your video quality sucks” or “Its pronounced XXX way” and its really annoying.   What makes matters worse is that its hard to nail down whats constructive and what isn’t.

The behind the scenes crew

TBHSC haters are simply haters who do things behind the scenes to ruin your channel.  Acts like false flagging, mass dislikes etc are all part of this.  Trouble is there’s not much that can be done about this type of hater since you don’t know who’s disliked your video and you’ll never find out who flags your videos. If your videos do get flase flagged you can appeal against them, but sadly even if your video doesn’t violate the community guidelines you may still get banned (as I did).


This is one type of hater that us tutorial creators that have dealt with.  These are the people who go “Its Virus”, “You broke my computer” etc.  Their aim is to get people to agree with them and get your channel taken down and nothing more.  They never provide any proof, and they never seem to care.  For example I made a video that showed me scanning files that people said were a virus and on the video those files were flagged up as virus free.

They also post comments like “You copied such and such a person”.  This actually happened once, yet my video was made before the video that I supposedly “copied”, and I proved the hater wrong and they’ve not commentated since.

If they can’t rally other people to their cause, then they’ll turn to become a TBHSC.


This type of hater won’t directly hate on your videos, instead they’ll post comments advertising another channel.  The mentality of these people is “I don’t like your videos so people should go to my channel instead”.   Block and delete them and move on.


I hardly ever get any abuse on twitter. However the same principle applies, block and report the person and move on.   It seems that now women have moved on from getting old men locked up to getting innocent people on twitter arrested.

The problem with the flack twitter has faced is that:

  • Where are the so called “Abusive” tweets? So what we’re supposed to take your word for it that this happened?
  • Why didn’t you even attempt to block and report these abusive people in the first place?

Its so easy to block and report someone on Twitter, just go to their profile, click on the little button of a person and click block/report. (Note: Names of twitter user blocked out)

How to block someone on twitter.

That is honestly how easy it is.   You may also want to protect your tweets so that no one can see your tweets unless they follow you.


The same applies for Google+ too just go to their profile, block and mute and move on.  Although in the case of Google+ it’s a lot harder to find the buttons to do this but they are there.  Google just needs to make these features clearer.


Blocking and deleting someone on the internet is one of the easiest things to do.  If you don’t block abusive people then I’m sorry to say but your responsible as your basically leaving the door open for the hate to come through.  Don’t feel guilty about blocking people if they’re being abusive, I sure don’t. Life is too short to be dealing with people who are nasty and abusive.  Focus on the people who are not abusive.




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