Update: Old Desktop PC set up

Hey everyone, this is another update post again.   I was getting sick of waiting for my laptop to be fixed so I decided for now that I should use my old desktop PC, which I haven’t used since 2011.  Have a read of the full article for more information.

What I did so far

At the moment I’m going through all my applications updating them and uninstalling some of the other applications I no longer use.

I did have a few problems with getting iTunes to update, as it wouldn’t connect to the iTunes servers, so I had to manually download iTunes from the website.

I also installed the paid version of Object Dock, yes I actually paid for it because I honestly think its an awesome dock application and it works just fine for my needs.

I also noticed that I had a patch installed which allows me to use custom themes, which is amazing so later on tonight I can get some new themes installed and really customise the OS.

I also have the full version of BBFlashback Pro, which was given to me by the company for free years ago, and I also have the full version of TuneUp 2011 which still works again I got this off the company free of charge.

If you want full paid software for free then all you need to do is email the companies and tell them what you do on YouTube and tell them why you want to use their software and ask them nicely if you can have it for free. They’ll usually ask you to mention them in videos etc but honestly that’s a small price to pay for full software.

It took me a couple of hours to get everything updated, it was still using FireFox5.0 so that alone should tell you how out of date my applications were.

What the PC will be used for

For now it’ll be used as a place for me to do my college work which will now free up some time for me to get on with my job in work which I have to say I have fallen behind on so I’m making this my priority for today.

The assignment I have to do for college shouldn’t take me to long to do, all I have to is customise the look of a website and then create some documentation.


Anyway thanks for reading this post.



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