Review: Killing Floor

Kill the zeds, the mutants … and pick up the cash.  With guns … knifes, bombs and your bare hands!  Its time to review Killing Floor.

Killing Floor is a coperative first person shooter developed by tripwire interactive.  It was originally a UT 2004 mod, but was eventually released as a stand alone title in 2009, and in 2012 was released for linux.


As of the most recent update, Killing Floor has two modes of play.  The first is the typical standard wave based game in which players have to kill a fixed number of “Zeds” to end the wave. Once a wave is ended you then go to the trader to buy new weapons and change your perks.

To get money you simply have to kill Zed’s.

Perks work like you would expect, they give you different gameplay benefits and all the weapons have a perk to which they work with.  Leveling up perks does require effort but the reward is that the perks get stronger.

The second game mode which has been recently added swaps the wave based survival with an objective based game. However at the moment only a single map is ready for this mode.  I expect more maps will have objective based game play in future updates.

The latest summer event, played in objective mode.
The latest summer event map, played in objective mode. N

Think of the game as Call of Duty 4 mixed with Call of Duty Zombies.

However, the game play is only fun for a short amount of time.  You’ll find that things can get a little repetitive, and all the characters sound the same (apart from some DLC characters)


The graphics are really good and the game seems to run fairly well on lower end computers with medium settings, like on my now broken laptop.  The frame rate seems to stay consistent but does drop when there’s a lot of action going on which is understandable.

This is on middle -to- high graphics, and a cracking headshot to boot.
This is on middle -to- high graphics, and a cracking headshot to boot.


To be honest there isn’t much story, other than a Zed outbreak in Britain caused by a company called “Horzine” but apart from that the bulk of the story is found in map desccriptions.


The game has a fairly large ammount of maps built in but recent updates and promotions have added more free maps to the game.  There are a variety of maps, and there is even one map which pays homage to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. So all in all pretty cool stuff.


Overall the game is fantastic, its cheap and best of all it will run on lower end computers (Modern day lower end), and its constantly updated with new content especially in the summer and Xmas, we even got a ton of new weapons and maps completely free of charge, top that off with a large community creating custom content in the Steam Workshop there’s no end to new content with this game.


+ Cheap

+ Works on lower end computers just fine

+ Looks amazing on almost all settings

– Game can be repetitive at times.

– Doesn’t train new players


I try to make unbiased and fair reviews. I do not assign scores to video games.  if you want to know more about how I review games then check out the review policy.


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