Internet update: Good news

Hey everyone else it’s time for another update on my Internet connection.  I know your probably sick of seeing posts like this but it’s more of a diary for me than it is a blog post. So I have some knowledge to look back on should stuff like this happen again.

So I got my WiFi range extender last night and I was amazed,  at how simple it was to set up.  Just a press of a couple of  buttons and a few mins wait and my WiFi is now extended.  While the connection is on the slower end it’s better to be connected than not at all.  I can do basic stuff such as tweeting, emailing, general web browsing etc.  While my Xbox does connect up I have yet to try an online game and see what happens. I’m hoping that it doesn’t choke under the pressure and disconnect.

I am however having a lot of trouble with my Galaxy Note 2 as it keeps giving me an authentication error whenever I try to connect to the WiFi, not sure why this is, but I’m sure its something that simple I’ve overlooked it.

Honestly worth the money,  I’d recommend it to anyone who needs to extend the range of their WiFi signal. Simple and easy to set up without needing any wires or any cables.

My laptop will take about 4 weeks to fix so I’m going to be out of the loop for a while, as I said in my previous post the hard drive has died in it, and since its still under warranty its getting fixed.  If I lose Windows 8 Pro so be it, not that big of a loss, and besides I do actually prefer Windows 7 as its easier to customise with skins and themes etc.

However knowing Brighthouse (and I do) I’m thinking it’ll take much longer than 4 weeks to get fixed.  I might even set up my old Desktop PC with Windows 7 and use that for the time being, but this means I’ll need to purchase a new monitor and a new WiFi adapter for it.  Hopefully it still works fine, and I can use it. Of course I’ll have to update my applications on it etc before I can start using it properly.  On the plus side, the old Desktop PC does have a multi-core processor so it should be able to take the load from my HDPVR, and it has loads of USB ports, 5 at the front and 4 at the back.

Truth be told I had suspicions that my laptop was on its way out. It has been acting up lately mainly by going slow and not responding, its also the first time I have ever experienced a hard drive failure, but not all is lost.  All my applications I can get back easily.  So until then I am putting a hold on creating new content for YouTube, however I can still reply to YouTube comments.

Keep reading the blog for more updates.



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