Apple’s App store – Full of Zombies

Now I know what your thinking when you see the title of this post.  No I don’t mean Zombie apps, nor do I mean a malicious app.  A zombie app is an app that is alive but is dead because it either hasn’t been downloaded or has received very few downloads.

According to an article from the BBC (link can be viewed below the article) it appears that out of the 900’000 apps on the US app store, 576’000 are “Zombie” apps.

It appears the Zombie apps never seem to make it onto Apple’s Featured Apps, and because these apps receive very little downloads or no downloads at all development cannot continue on these apps, thus they don’t get updated.

The reason for the large number of Zombie apps according to app developer Malcom Barcley, is that the Zombie apps are just awful.  Which is a statement I agree with. However to say all the zombie apps are awful is a bit harsh.   There might be some hidden gems on there that Apple and the so-called “Community” don’t advertise/download enough.

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Even on Android I don’t use every single app on there.  I only use E-mail, Twitter, Google+, Gmail and Spotify on a daily basis.  I hardly use the other apps.   I may use customisation apps every now and again though.

I think Android is facing the same situation.  I check the Play Store every week and week in week out the featured apps never seem to change.  I noted that they change on special occasions such as Xmas, but it’s not updated often enough.  Rightly most of these apps are not as good as others, but as I said before there might be some really good apps hidden within the pile of trash it’s that Google won’t do a decent job of advertising them.

In my opinion there needs to be better control of what Apps get featured and what apps don’t.  They should be changed on a weekly or monthly basis at least to keep the app store fresh and to get some decent apps in the light that might have otherwise remained hidden in the sea of trash.

Also they should have separate featured lists for Apps and games, and stop having a general list of apps, as the distinction between games and apps is confusing.  If I wanted to see featured games I’d go to the games section.  Apps and Games should be treated as separate entities.

What do you all think of this?  How many apps do you use on a daily basis?  Let me know in the comments.


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