Deadpool Review

Hey everyone.  Not done a review in a long time so I thought it would be a great idea to make a review of Deadpool and let you all know if the game is worth picking up or not.  As usual, I don’t make “professional” reviews.  I just tell you how the game plays and whether its worth your money to pick up.

The version I am reviewing is the Xbox 360 version.


Who is “Deadpool”?

If you’ve seen the film “X-Men origins: Wolverine” then you already know who dead pool is.   He is a mercenary with Logan’s healing powers, and also has teleportation abilities too. (like he used in the film) but unlike the film dead pool does not have blades that come out of his arms instead he uses swords guns and explosions.  DeadPool however suffers mentally, he has a tumor in his head which keeps being healed and coming back and its drove him near insane, and he can drink more alcohol than a normal human can without getting drunk.


DeadPool uses a typical hack and slash with shooting elements to create a useful but slow combat mechanic (more on this soon). There is also an upgrade system which allows you to upgrade your abilities and weapons to deal more damage to enemies and achieve a higher combo.  You use things called DP points to upgrade which can be earned by killing enemies and picking up DP coins as you play the game.

Guns are also way overpowered, but for a game like DeadPool you won’t really care all that much. However one thing to note is that later in the game I did have trouble finding ammo for my guns, which is strange for this type of game.

Slow combat

After playing Metal Gear Rising, it was really hard to adjust to the combat in DeadPool.  Not that the combat is bad in DeadPool, its just slower than other hack and slash games I’ve played.  However on the bright side the controls are fairly easy to pick up and play.


Oddly enough while playing though the game the graphics didn’t really cross my mind. They are not the best I’ve seen (but better than CoD’s).  However the game isn’t supposed to be sold on graphics alone, and honestly if your like me you probably wouldn’t care too much about the graphics.  In short they are average.


HAHAHAHAHAH…. There is no story.  So instead I’ll talk about all the humor in the game.  For the most part DeadPool breaks the 4th wall a lot, and in some cases will even tell you the player if your not doing what DeadPool wants you to do.  Also there’ll be parts in the game where DeadPool argues with acitivision on the phone because of DeadPool going over budget etc.  Its pretty hilarious to be honest and makes the game worth playing.

However all this humor will die out when you experience it too much, and on the subject of replay value, DeadPool doesn’t have any replay value at all.  Once you’ve completed the game … thats it.  I’m hoping that some decent DLC might alivate this.  However the game is fairly long, about 6-10 hours depending on the difficulty.

Voice acting is brilliant.  Nolan North does a fantastic job, hell all the voice acters do a great job.

Is it worth it?

Is DeadPool worth your money?  DeadPool is not a bad game at all, it has simple controls, great humor and top notch voice acting.  Its a typical (albiet slow) arcade style hack and slash with minor RPG elements, however this is all let down by average graphics and a lack of replay value.   Honestly its not worth £40, but if you manage to grab it cheap you’ll have a good game to play over the weekend.

The good

+ Excellent humor and breaking of 4th wall

+ Brilliant Voice acting

+ Easy to pick up and play

+ Long levels

The bad

– No replay value

– Average graphics

– Humor can wear out quickly

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