Ouya – First Impressions

So I managed to get some time to play with the Ouya last night.  I have some mixed feelings about the cheap android game console.  Take note that this is not a review, but rather my first impressions of the device and any issues I had getting it to work etc.

First Boot up

The first boot up made me update the Ouya which is something I expected,  The update did take a while to download but it wasn’t hours. It was more like 10 mins.  However actual speeds of the updates might vary depending on your connection. It also asked me to connect to my Wi-Fi which I did.

Creating an account

Creating an account was easy but it did have an obstacle.  For some reason it couldn’t connect to the Wi-Fi even though the router was in the same room.  So this meant that I had to restart the Ouya and then create the account again, and it worked.   I don’t know why it wouldn’t connect to the Wi-Fi.


The biggest challenge was actually getting some games to work on there.  At first it wouldn’t download any games at all, it would just get stuck at 0%. So I tried to side load apps, which if a tedius process although its not complicated.  I managed to side load dropbox on there, so once that was done its a case of putting APK files on dropbox and then downloading them with the Ouya.  So I’ll have a seprate blog post up soon with a step-by-step guide on side loading apps on the Ouya.

Also I noticed that some advertised games for the Ouya are actually missing from the store.  When I went to purcahse my Ouya, GAME said it would come with Killing Floor Calamity, and throughout the pre-release Ouya videos they were playing Dead Trigger …. why are these games missing?  I can side load Dead Trigger for the time being.

Emulators however run just fine, but I tried C&C 64 on Emupen 64+ and it ran a little slow and sluggish.  SuperGnes and GBA Emu run fine, but there are no Sega Emualtors.


Google play for some reason is missing from the Ouya.  I’d like to be able to use that to download other games, I noticed that apps and games on Google play are separate from those on the Ouya store, so for example you’ve paid for SuperGnes on the Play store, you have to pay for it again on the Ouya store? WTF is going on there.


The controller on the Ouya is fine for me, but I don’t really like the D-pad, although it doesn’t stick it feels …. too soft when I press down.  However this can easilly be fixed by using a PS3 controller.



Honestly for £99 the Ouya isn’t too bad.  Games are only a few quid each, and while it does have its problems, future software updates might fix most of the annoyances.




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