Just got an Ouya.

The Ouya is the most successful kickstarter.  The Ouya is a small £99 Android games console which is made to be hackable and open to modification.  Today I decided to purchase one and see if its any good.

Update:  My Ouya arrived today (26th June) and once I have had a go messing around with it I’ll be making a review on it so you can see if its worth the £99 price tag.

Now before any of you start giving me lip about the reviews of the console thus far let me counter that argument with some knowledge.  You see the reviews you have seen/read so far have been for the original version meant for backers of the Kickstarter project, and Ouya has promised that there will be improvments to the console come final release.

The reason I got one, is because I’d really like to get into Android gaming.  I could get into it on my phone, but there’s one problem with it.  THE TOUCHSCREEN.  I honestly hate playing games on a touchscreen the controls are really terrible. I want to play emulators but can’t because of the stupid touch screen.

The second reason is EMULATORS! I can play SNES, Mega Drive (Geneis to US readers), GBA, N64 and PS1 games all with one console. It’ll be amazing to play the old classics again.

Another reason …..ANDROID! Do I really need to say any more on this subject? That means I can essientially make my TV into a Smart TV without the £1000 price tag.  All my Android apps will hopefully work on the device too.  Any apps that don’t work on the Ouya right away I can easilly stick the APKs on a USB drive and side load them.

Another reason is that fact I can use Bluetooth devices with it.  So I can use my wireless tutrle beeches as headphones so I can listen to all the apps. (the sound on my TV is REALLY poor). If I wanted to I could even use a PS3/Xbox 36o/Wii controller with it so if I don’t like the standard Ouya controller I don’t have to use it.  I’m big on giving people a choice, so this is one of the really good parts to the Ouya.

So you all think I’m an Ouya fanboy right? No, one I never backed the Kickstarter, and unlike a “fanboy” I’ll be able to actually point out the bad things about the Ouya.  If there is one issue with the Ouys is that it’s going to be an annual release, so a new Ouya every year.  Its not that much of an issue if the price stays the same, but I expect the price to increase slightly every year.

So what do you all think of the Ouya then? Are you getting one? Sound off in the comments.  Thanks for reading.

If your after an Ouya get one from GAME they still have them in stock. Thats where I ordered mine from.


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