The new Xbox One DRM 180?

Yes it appears that Microsoft have done the impossible, they actually took off their fascist DRM policies for the Xbox One.  Yet Cliffy B (Gears of War developer) said that we gamers were whining about the DRM policy.   Time for me to give my say on this, as I’ve been fairly quiet about this

In an ideal world

In an ideal world people would actually be pleased about the Xbox One having less DRM than it was going to have.  No one else would complain, yet….. this ins’t an ideal world.  Now we have people complaining that removing DRM removes family sharing and how the Xbox One should have kept the DRM policies.  Yet the same people who complained about this, wanted DRM removed in the first place.  So its not just Microsoft doing the U-Turn, its the Xbox fan boys.

Cliffy B’s statements on the matter

Cliffy B who is well known for developing the Gears of War games (except Judgement) spoke out against the people who wanted DRM removed. Saying that the “internet” whining didn’t force Microsoft into removing DRM, he said it was the competition.  First Cliffy B we were not “whining” we are gamers who happen to not want DRM, we did not ask or want DRM on the Xbox One to begin with.  I think the removal was partly due to the competition but the customer should always be the number one priority.

Cliffy B I agree MS and Sony are in business to make money, but how can they make money when their customers are not satisifed with their products and eventually go to their competitors instead.    We gamers don’t like being told what we can and can’t do with the games WE PAID FOR!

Has my own opinion changed?

No, while I am not as …. angry at Microsoft now, I’m still getting the PS4.  Its £80-£100 cheaper, and NOT everything is behind a paywall.  So if I want to access Netflix, I don’t need to have PS+ to do that.  On Xbox live you have to pay for Xbox live before you can even access Netflix.   Also NOT all PS4 multiplayer games will need PS+  AND CROSS GEN ONLINE MULTIPLAYER! Yes, DC Universe online will allow PS3 and PS4 players to play together on the same servers 🙂

I am happy that the DRM has been reduced though, and I am open to getting an Xbox One a few months down the line.  However at its current price of £499 …… no thanks.  I still think the Xbox One has flaws.  Kinect is required to use the console, and the lower end hardware compared to the PS4 are some that put me off the Xbox One still.




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