Microsoft is out to get me? How?

You all know I hate the Xbox One with is Fascist anti-consumer policies.  I’ve been speaking out against it for quite some time.  Something strange happend recently and it makes me feel like MS is out to get me because I decided to speak out against their ….. …. VHS player.

The Laptop

There was a Windows 8 update for my Laptop, of which I wasn’t given a choice to update or not, nor was the update scheduled for that day, it was supposed to update over the weekend which would have been much better.  Anyway after the update had finshed the laptop wouldn’t boot into windows for some odd reason, it kepy showing a black screen all the time.

This meant that I had to refresh my computer,  which meant that everything I had installed was erased, even the crap ware that acer put on here was removed too which I suppose was a good thing, however it also removed all my games, office 2010 starter and firefox.

Why was did this happen to me and no one else? You see I think Microsoft were somehow able to hack my computer and force an update which almost bricked it for good. I did speak out against the Xbox one on twitter, and my twitter account details were stored on the computer.


Microsoft office trial not working?

I thought “Why not”, I needed to get office again because as I stated before MS removed it from my computer when I did a refresh of Windows 8. So I was kind of forced into using MS office, but guess what at this moment in time MS feels the need to not let it work, and keep getting me stuck on the “streaming” screen.   The question here is why am I forced to use my internet to install a free trial of MS office on my laptop?  Now I suppose you could say why not use Google drive.  Google drive is amazing, but there are some features lacking that MS offiice has, such as access to the developer tool box so I can develop forms in word for printing and filling out on paper.

You could also argue that I can make use of open office and kingsoft, both fairly good applications, but I just don’t like the interface on them. Not all of them will offer access to create forms too.

MS Office streaming

So the question is:  “Is Microsoft out to shut me down”? What do you all think?  Is it just a coincidence or is Microsoft up to something.



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