Which Console you ask ….. PS4!

Yes, I’ve been saying all day how I am grateful for Sony’s PS4.  I need to post about why I’m going with the PS4.  The E3 conference sony held had the biggest amount of cheers and applause from the crowd.    They shot a an arrow into Microsoft’s fascist knee.

So you now want to know why I’m getting a PS4.

The Price

It is only £349 RRP so its £80 cheaper than the Xbox one.   In the past I have stated that I won’t pay any more than £300 for a console, but I feel that Sony is worth my money this time so I’ll end up buying a PS4.

No online authentication required

Do you have any idea how good this is? I can use the PS4 offline fully.  So should my internet go down I CAN STILL USE MY CONSOLE! Sony did say that the experience would be better if you are connected.  What gets me is why this is even a surprise, they mentioned that it would work offline fully during the event where they revealed the controller.

Used Games and Game sharing

The PS4 has NO restrictions on used games. Which is great, so I can trade them in to get money off a newer game should I desire.

And we can share games with our friends, as Sony demonstrates with the video below.


Region Free games

Yes you heard it right.  We can now import games which is cheaper, and we can play them on the PS4 without being locked out.   So I may end up getting American copies of games as they release before the UK gets them.

User upgradable hard drive

If the standard 500GB HDD isn’t big enough we can just swap it out with a 1TB HDD like we could with the PS3.  So no storage space limits not sure if you can use USB HDD’s with it though.  Still I do think 500GB would be enough.

The Games

It seems all MS showed off was Killer instinct and a few multi platform titles.  I thought there was supposed to be 20 Xbox one exclusives?

Sony showed off EXCLUSIVES like Killzone and Watch Dogs which both seem really good.  Lets not forget that we can stream our old PS3 games to the console via the cloud.  Which I think is awesome.



Yes we HAVE to pay to play Multiplayer, but when compared with Xbox Live, PS+ is a lot better. We’re still getting our free games, auto updates, and discounts that we currently get on PS+.  What have MS given to people on Xbox live?  Wow party chat!

Sony have also confirmed that services like Netflix etc will not require PS+, these same services on Xbox 360 require you to have Xbox live gold.


So the reason I am getting the PS4 is because it doesn’t have the fascist policies that the Xbox One has, and I feel like Sony actually care this time around.  So THANK YOU SONY!

Which console are you getting? Xbox one or PS4?  Let me know in the comments.




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