What I think about the Xbox one.

I figured it was about time I gave my opinion on the Xbox One.  Lets say I am not happy at all about Microsoft’s policy in regards to used games, and their intent on controlling us the consumer, and controlling how we play our games.

Always on-line requirement.

Yes as we all know by now the new Xbox will require a connection to Xbox live on a daily basis.  Phil Harrison said that connections only go down for a few minutes to a few hours so that it won’t be so bad right?  WRONG! I have known mine and other people’s internet to be down for days if not weeks.  If you can’t connect you can’t use your Xbox and all it becomes is a paper weight.

Fanboy’s Defence

The typical defence of this stupid practise is with the excuse “Everyone is online now”.   BULL!  Not everyone has an internet connection, not everyone has a GOOD internet connection.  My Xbox disconnects from Xbox live randomly all the time, so do you really think I have a chance at being able to use my Xbox? NO!  The UK …. Not everyone has a good connection,  USA …. same story.

Used Games

Now I usually do by games new especially if its a newer release, but some of the older games I have to get pre-owned because I have no choice.   Only participating retailers will be making use of pre-owned Xbox one games ……..WHY!

It seems that if a retailer wants to deal in pre-owned Xbox one games …. they have to sign a freaking contract with Microsoft, which allows MS and Publishers to take a cut of pre-owned sales. Which then means that pre-owned prices are going through the roof, and publishers (Cough EA Cough) can even deny their games from being sold onto others.

Fanboy’s Defence

The typical and fanboyish defence of this practice is that the developers get the money when you buy a game new…..WRONG! The money goes to the publisher first which then allocates how much the developers get.  In short its usually 70:30 in the publishers favour.   A second reason why this argument is invalid is that at some point the game was new, hence the publisher has already got the money.

You now know why EA had got rid of online passes.


Kinect being mandatory

Right don’t get me wrong I think Kinect is a brilliant piece of kit, if its used right.  At the moment Kinect has done more harm than good to games that could have had promise. In fact In Skyrim kinect can be really useful for managing your inventory better.

My problem with kinect is that your Xbox One won’t work without it. I’m being serious, then there’s the fact that it watches you and listens for voice commands.  Privacy concerns …. yeah.  Here’s the thing though MS denied using it in this manner, …… BULL!

I made up a little song it goes like this “Kinect kinect, what ya gonna do what ya gonna do while we’re watching you”

Not to mention Kinect looks ugly.

Fanboy’s defence

Kinect will be better integrated into games since everyone will have it.  Now while I agree with that statement, what I don’t agree with is being forced into using what frankly looks like a creepy pair of eyes watching you all the time.  I shouldn’t have to use it if I do not wish too. I should be able to use the Xbox one without having it plugged into the damn console.  If I wanted to see a creepy pair of eyes watching me then I’d go walk around Wythenshawe Park in the middle of the night.


TV …. TV …. TV

Yes the new Xbox is TV centric.  Instead of getting of your bum to reach the TV remote you can now tell your TV what channels you want to watch. Woo!  ….. Sorry but did I miss the part where the Xbox was a games console?  Sure it can play games but it seems that Microsoft are trying to force gamers into watching TV rather than playing video games, and the thing that makes me laugh most is that you can actually get achievements for watching TV….. I’M BEING SERIOUS HERE STOP LAUGHING!!!

Surprisingly there have been no fanboyish defence of this, it seems that this bit has annoyed even the fanboys.


What do you all think of the next Xbox? Is it worth it, or are you waiting to see what the PS4 has to offer?  Let me know in the comments.   Thanks for reading.



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