State of Decay: Partial review.

State of Decay is a new open world Zombie game created by Undead Labs, it released yersterday on Xbox Live Arcade and a PC version is to follow soon.   It has everything a good Zombie game needs.

The reason I am making this a “partial” review is as you probably are well aware of, I like to complete a game before reviewing it, but I had to get out my first impressions of the game.  A full review will be coming when I complete the main story.

Like GTA but not like it at all?

It has elements from the GTA games, driving, mission based story, open world etc.  At the same time though it feels new and fresh.  A lot of people have been trying to compare it to DayZ, but I feel the two games are quite different in their approach.

Yes there is driving in it, but as we all know Zombies are attracted to noise, so using a car attracts zombies, however even if my car was being swarmed by zombies the cars are fast enough and tough enough to just mow the Zombies down.  Cars do take damage from doing this however.


Has the “Wait for Action” element.

If you don’t know what I mean by “Wait for Action”, its simply where you must wait real world time for something to be done.  (IE All EA mobile games). This is something I am usually against since they usually make you pay to speed things up, but State of Decay seems to have taken a different approach.  Instead while you wait missions, other survivors or the need for supplies might come up, so you’ll have plenty to do while you wait.

You can upgrade your base by adding bedrooms, and infirmary, workshop and so on. However these require materials and influence.  Influence can be gained by bringing back supplies, and completing missions.  Materials can be found by scavenging, the best thing about this though is that you can radio someone to take these supplies back to your base.

You can even make specific bulidings into outposts and use them as a smaller base should you desire.



Combat is surprisingly enjoyable. It incorporates a stamina mechanic similar to Dead Island. Each time you swing your weapon your stamina goes down.  Weapons also break after a while too.  So combat has been heavily inspired by the combat mechanics from dead island.

However unlike Dead Island the more you explore the less stamina you have and your character will become tired.  You can switch to another character once you get back to your base.


Survivors have some personality

All the survivors seem to have different personalities, and feelings. In some cases they may even cause problems for your community, and you’ll have to speak to that survivor.  An example of this was a survivor who was scared was lowering the morale of the community so I had to take her out to kill some Zombies and tell her there’s nothing to be afraid of.

There are also survivor rescue missions, the one I did before was funny as hell.  Basically the guy was going on about how he was forced to play as Santa during his office Xmas party of he’d be fired, but everyone thought he was scary as Santa, and this for some odd reason is a special trait.  Made me laugh lol

Radar from Metal Gear Solid?

Yes it seems that some hoards have a “vision cone” similar to the radar from Metal Gear Solid. The basic point of these hoards is to avoid being spotted by them and trust me when on foot with low stamina …. your pretty much dead. Me…. I usually run them over with a car.  If you see a hoarde you can hide in a bush and wait, but make too much noise …. yeah you get the picture.


Honestly I’m having fun with State of Decay.  Its a massive open world RPG and its gameplay mechanics are really robust.  It has some of the best elements from some of the best games ever made.

If you are looking for the full review then you’ll all have to wait until I’ve completed the main story, and I’ll then post a proper review, but at this moment ….. well worth the 1600MSP





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