Metro: Last light review.

Metro: Last light is a fantastic sequel to the hit Metro 2033, a dark girtty shooter let down by a few issues



Metro last light was released last week after suffering delays thanks to THQ selling of their assets and is a sequel to the brilliant Metro 2033, and is now published by Deep Silver who have published other popular games such as Dead Island.  However unlike the original game, Last light is a multi-platform release. (I am reviewing the Xbox version)


Metro last light takes place a year after the first game.  The surface while not as icey is still uninhabitable, and a war is brewing in the metro system.   You play as Artyom, as you did in the original.


The game is a lot of fun, the combat mechanics and enemy AI are the best I’ve seen in a video game, especially an FPS.  The controls are fluid and responsive, and the game somehow makes stealth work in an FPS.  Combat can be tackled by just shooting everything in sight in normal mode, but personally I had more fun adopting a hit and run tactic, I’d shoot some lights, kill some guys and then run into darkness and attack from a different angle.   Its quite satisfying doing this and the stealth feels more natural than other games.


There are also tons of side objectives that are more natural as they don’t come up on screen and nor do they need to be completed. Honestly this feels more natural and there is usually very little reward for doing side objectives.


The graphics are stunning, the game has some of the best lighting to ever grace a video game, even games like crysis pale in comparison. As I mentioned before light is not used for pure graphics its also a game play mechanic, those wishing to employ stealth can turn/shoot lights out and sneak up on their enemies.


Weapons are also pretty cool, some old favourites from Metro 2033 return along with some new weapons such as the SAGIA 12 shotgun. This time you can customise your weapons with attachments to make them better, my personal favourite weapon is the Bastard SMG. And what game in set in Russia wouldn’t have an AK?


Trading and economics have not changed all that much since Metro 2033, you can use Military grade rounds to buy new stuff or you can use them to dish out more damage.


Metro: Last Light
Metro: Last Light (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


So what issues does Metro Last light have then?


First I noticed that during the earlier parts of the game where you have to escape a Nazi base, it freezes …. but only during that part of the game. While a simple console restart fixed this, it happened again when I tried a second play through.


Another issue was that I was told to follow a guy called “Pavel” around the corner,  but he did not move at all, which meant I couldn’t complete the rest of the game, I had to restart the entire chapter from the beginning to fix this.


One more problem is that the game isn’t as scary as Metro 2o33.  There were no times where I jumped.  I thought that the whole Metro series was a survival horror and there is no horror to be found at all.




Metro last light is definitely a must buy. If you liked the lore of the first game then you’ll enjoy this , but those looking for survival horror may be a little put off.



  • Some of the best lighting seen in a video game
  • Good AI, provides a challenge but isn’t brutal
  • Weapons feel powerful
  • Combat and stealth work well here.
  • Naked women (seriously)


  • Less horror more action
  • Some freezing issues
  • AI doesn’t move when they have to, meaning chapters cannot be completed.






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