How to get 48GB DropBox Space for free.

Seriously, I connected my DropBox account to my Galaxy Note 2 and DropBox sent me an E-mail telling me I was given 48GB free space for two years just for connecting my account to my phone.   So I figured I’d make a how to guide on doing this your self.  This could be useful to you if you store a lot of files in the cloud.


Before you begin there are a few requirements and things you need before you begin. You’ll need:

  • Galaxy S3, Note 2 or S4
  • A Samsung account (You will be asked to create one so don’t worry)
  • A DropBox account (As above you’ll be able to create one)
  • The DropBox app from the Google play store. (Its free)

Now I know this isn’t useful if you don’t have the phones I stated above.

Go to the cloud.

You will need to go to the Cloud options in the settings.


Once you are in the Cloud settings you’ll have two options. One is to create a Samsung account, so do that first if you’ve not already. Should only take a few mins to set up if you follow the on screen instructions.

Then you can create (or connect) a drop box account using the second option, just follow the on screen instructions and you should be fine.


You’ll notice in the above picture I have 51.9GB of space left, this is because I already have space on DropBox to begin with, and you do not need to have a paid DropBox account to get the 48GB free space.  Now keep in mind this space only lasts for two years, but hopefully that should be enough.


I’m not sure if this feature will also work on other Android devices, so you’ll have to check yours to see if this will work for you.  These settings can also be your automated back up so if your phone should break, you will have a back up copy of your files.  Shame there is no Google Drive support on there yet though as I actually prefer Google Drive over DropBox, and I’ll likely make a blog post on why later in the week.

Also worth mentioning is that this might not work for new DropBox users, keep in mind that I’ve had my DropBox account for years.

If you have any questions feel free to ask away in the comments.   As always thanks again for reading, and if you liked this post make sure to share it around.


2 thoughts on “How to get 48GB DropBox Space for free.

  1. Now keep in mind this space only lasts for two years, but hopefully that should be enough.
    So, you plan on being dead in two years? No, I need space permanently.

    1. A fair point. Still though its better than getting nothing at all, besides you can get more space for free for life if you do certain things with DropBox. Or you can always migrate to Google Drive.

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