Paid Subscriptions to YouTube channels?

Its an absolute bad move by Google, and I never thought I’d say this but I may stop making YouTube content. Read more to know why.

Back in the early days of YouTube people uploaded content because they wanted to share their interests and opinions with the world for free.  I started back in 2007, there was no take downs of videos, there was no region locking, there was no bullshit advertisements.  Just the videos and the comments.

Now lets compare YouTube 2007 to YouTube 2013.

YouTube 2013 has become full of channels whose sole purpose is making money (mainly MLG clans…) and they don’t carer about their audience as long as they get the big pay check from Google they’ll keep making videos.  Now don’t get me wrong I’ve always wanted to make a living off YouTube, but if that meant my content wasn’t good, then it would be pointless.

I’m a YouTube partner as you all know, and I earn very little money from it.   You see the big partners on YouTube are not paid by Google they are paid by third parties like Machinima and Yeoush.

I have no company backing me, I make my own videos and my own content.  I don’t have an upload schedule, I upload content when I feel like it.   The money I earn from YouTube goes towards getting more content for you to watch, I can’t live on the ammount of money I earn from YouTube ad revenue so instead I have a job which allows me to have some money to live on.

And now we have PAID SUBSCRIPTIONS! Yes thats right, at the moment only “Real” TV shows have paid subscriptions. Sure it might only be $0.99 a month at the moment, but that is not the issue.  The issue is the fact WE HAVE TO PAY FOR IT.  Now an argument could be raised that these channels need money, yet these same channels have TV shows on cable networks WHICH PEOPLE ALREADY PAY FOR.

Another argument is that it might attract better content ….. YouTube already has some great content, but this move will push away the smaller channels which have worked their arse off to make content. To make room for the bigger (and greedier) channels whose sole purpose is to make money, above creating good content for their fans.

The question that remains is would I ever make people pay to watch my content?  The answer is a NO!  I’ve uploaded and created content for free (not counting the ad-revenue) and since I haven’t spent anything therefore haven’t lost anything, so why should you my audience pay anything?  If YouTube goes ahead and makes all bigger channels a paid subscription then I’ll stop making content.

I am 100% against this move.   If you feel the same way tweet why with the hashtag #BoycottYouTube

Thanks for reading.


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