Stuff in gaming that will be extinct soon.

Yes we all know it, with the way gaming is going a lot of good things will soon be extinct.  I’ve gathered what I consider the top five things in gaming that will be extinct soon.



Although some games still have cheats, most do not.  Take Dead Rising Off The record for example, if you wanted cheat codes you’d have to pay for them, there was no way to unlock these cheats in the game.   What happened to cheats? Sure they can make a game boring but in the case of Saints Row 3 they can actually make a game much better.  Remember when we had God Mode on games ….. those were the days. Sadly people don’t/can’t cheat any more.

Playing for fun

We’ve all wanted to get paid to play games but many YouTubers and Pro Gamers are in it simply for the money rather than having fun. Would you attend a gaming tournament if there was no prize money? ….. I didn’t think so.   Many gamers on YouTube would rather be sponsored by various companies than have fun with games. E-Sports by and large has ruined the quality of games this generation.

Complete Games and no DLC needed

Do you remember back in the PS2 era where all games were complete, no DLC was needed?  Well that’s gone now, with developers leaving out content so they can sell them as DLC.  While I’m not against DLC at all, I am against DLC being a rip off, especially where EA and Activision are concerned.  Good DLC to me is when I get value out of it.  It is a Map Pack that’s £11.49 ….. no thanks.

Decent Licensed titles.

Do you remember back when licensed titles were good. Remember Star Wars Rouge Squadron 2 on Gamecube? Do you remember Star Trek Elite force? It seems that now developers/publishers would rather rush out licensed titles to bank on the success of a TV show or Movie. In fact the only decent Licensed titles these days is Aliens Colonial Marines and WWE13.

Single Player only games

Yes with pretty much every game getting a tacked on multiplayer that no one wanted or asked for, it seems that developers/publisher (COUGH EA) want people to only play online.  Lets look at GOOD single player only games like Skyrim and Metal Gear Solid 3. Those games were brilliant.  Some of the best games I’ve ever played have been single player only, and it looks like that’s coming to an end.

Pretty soon it won’t be a tacked on Multiplayer, it will be tacked on Campaign.


4 thoughts on “Stuff in gaming that will be extinct soon.

    1. Really? I’m sorry to hear that. It’s spelled “house” and its spelled iPad. If you can’t afford an iPad then I recommend you purchase a Nexus 7 which is better and only costs about £149-£250. There’s also nothing wrong with living in a council house, better to have a roof over one’s head than out on the street or more accurately its better to not have to pay off a massive mortage and then risk getting your house taken off you if you miss a payment.

      You also posted several comments about me being a benefit scrounger (or cheat to those who lack the lingo) this is once again not the case. Tell me what benefits am I on that I’m not entitled to exactly, and then explain to me why I’m not entitled to them? Why is living on benefits so bad to you? You posted three comments (two of which I had deleted) in the space of a few miniutes, what is that you actually do for a living? I want to see how you think you life is “better” than mine.

  1. Is it possible, and this isn’t limited to basic interpretation, that you’ve taken yourself far too seriously for a lad with a basic youtube account and a handful of subscribers. If the Internet was an A-Z list, a hierarchy if you will, much in the same vain as celebrity status, you’d be in the X to Z category. Why are you acting like your status on the Internet is much higher than it is. Discuss

    1. Wait? WTF this exact same comment word for word was posted on a YouTube video? Anyway since you asked, I don’t have a status on the internet. I’m just a regular person who happens to like creating content. Sure I may act a bit too serious, but at the end of the day content creation like it or not is taking over. I can’t sit there and act like nothing is happening. As long as people read/watch my content I’m quite happy. Think of this whole thing, like Hudson from the film Aliens, he acts like he’s more important than he is. Same happens with me on the internet.

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