Dead Island Riptide: Quest Guides and Items Guides incoming

Yes you all heard it correctly, I have completed Dead Island Riptide and I am now ready to start recording and uploading some quest and item guides. Item guides are my priority as I found out that I had missed loads of cool items and weapons without even realising it.  The first video I have planned is a guide to the Sniper Rifle, as it can only be found in one place and its one of the most easily missed weapons in the game, you may have already gone past its location already.  However I found hidden weapon mods in some areas where you wouldn’t think of looking, and its something I feel confident enough to show you all.

As for the quest guides, they’ll take a lot longer to make considering that most side quests will have you trek to one side of the map and then back again, and this is very tedious and annoying. I’ll save my opinions on the game for the review which I have yet to record.

The reason I am making these guides is because people want to see them. I’ve noticed that my video game guides on YouTube seem to get more views than just standard gameplay videos, and if its something my audience wants to see then I’ll of course make that specific type of video.

Keep in mind that like the past Dead Island videos there will be no voice over, however there will be a lot more information in the description of the videos with more details.

Have you got Dead Island Riptide? What do you think of the game? Let me know in the comments.

Thanks for reading.


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