New WiiU 3.0 Spring Update is now ready for download.

Nintendo have released the Spring Update for the WiiU Console.  Adding in several new features and functions to make the console much better and easier to use.

The update adds several key features such as the ability to have a standby mode where software will continue to download while the system is off and it also makes the eShop content download with all their updates meaning that you won’t have to download an update once you’ve downloaded a game.

It also adds the ability to jump into the Wii Menu by holding down the B button while the WiiU logo is showing, while I am not 100% sure why anyone would want this, its a nice feature to have if you have a massive back log of original Wii games.

Wii U Controller
Wii U Controller (Photo credit: ze_bear)

They have also introduced better system stability and speed as some users were reporting a slow and sluggish operating system.

A full list of chnages can be found by clicking the link below.


However going through some of the comments on CVG it appears that some people are having problems with downloading the update, however these are minor issues and will not prevent the update from downloading.  The update should take roughly 30 mins depending on your internet connection.

In other WiiU related news it appears that Nintendo are skipping E3 this year and instead are allegedly going to be doing Nintendo Direct announcements and small meetings instead meaning that the gamers will be the first to get the news on new games etc.  As E3 is strictly a press only event, which is brilliant for those who cannot attend E3.

Satoru Iwata was also recently made CEO of Nintendo of America.

What do you think of the WiiU update? Let me know in the comments.




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