WoW Free Servers

Sakotius raises a valid point in this post.

The Mind of ThatBritishGamerChap

Hello there. Today i want to talk about free servers and why i cannot use them.


1: Lag

Lag is a major issue in Private Servers. No matter how much it is promised that Lag is obsolete in the server, it never is completely gone. When you have been spoiled by the blizzard servers. It’s obvious that the slightest bit of lag will throw off your game.

2: Bugs

A major problem is bugs and annoying glitches. Never are two servers the same, and never are they blizzlike as stated by most. When i was on Molten WoW the other day, i died and spawned about 6 minutes away from my body. Spirit healers were doubled. NPC’s would be all over the place. Guards would act as Mailboxes.

3: Auction House

Not enough people on the server means that the Auction house is often dry and empty. Making money…

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