Facebook Home – What a joke.

Facebook decided that instead of a Facebook Phone they’d just release a launcher for Android, sounds good right?  Well read the review the review and you’ll find out just how crappy it is.

Missing Features

When I read the App description it said it added a ton of new features to allow us to use Facebook without the Facebook App, well that my friends is False advertising. You’ll see why below.

Chat Heads

The chat heads feature supposedly allows us to chat to our Facebook friends while using an other app.  For one the chat heads are non existent, the only head on there is mine, and all I can do is drag it to open the app drawer or reopen the last app I was using.  Secondly if I do want to chat to people I have to use the Facebook messenger app, which isn’t on the home screen so I can’t chat while I have other apps on the screen.  It was outright lies, and is illegal under UK trading laws.

The Chat heads are missing.
The Chat heads are missing.

The ability to post a status.

You’d have thought that with Facebook home that you would be able to post a status directly from the home screen, well guess what. That feature is missing, I can see notifications, I can like and comment on people’s status and see photos from people but here’s the think I CAN’T POST A STATUS!  It is one of the main features of Facebook yet they chose to not have it in the launcher? Makes no sense.

So if I wanted to post a status to Facebook I’d have to use the Facebook app, which defeats the entire purpose of Facebook Home.

Proper settings and customisation.

What if I don’t want to see photos on my home screen what if I just want a standard wallpaper?  What if I want to use widgets and apps from the home screen?  You can’t do any of that while using Facebook home.  So I am forced to deal with the settings that Facebook wants us to use and be done with it.  Stupid and crap.

The very limited settings.
The very limited settings.

The best setting is the option to turn it off.


Facebook home is not okay for any type of Facebook user.  Its lack of customization  features and usefulness prevent this launcher from being great.  Don’t get me wrong the idea behind it is good, but Facebook should have put more time and features into the launcher before releasing it.  There’s even been reports of it killing battery life and slowing down your device.  At the moment it only has a two star rating on the Google Play store and I’m not surprised.

However this app would have been a one star if it was something we had to pay for which thankfully we don’t.

Are you using Facebook Home? What do you think of it? Let me know in the comments.



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