Texture Pack support for Minecraft Xbox edition?

While this isn’t exactly news now considering it was back in November last year a tweet from 4J Studios seems to indicate that they are working on adding texture pack support for the Xbox 360 version of Minecraft.

4J Studios
4J Studios (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Reading through the various tweets they’ve sent seems to suggest that instead of user made texture packs,  all the TP’s for the 360 version will in fact be created by 4J studios, and you’ll be buying them in the same way you buy the Skin packs.

Hopefully 4J will port over user created texture packs such as DokuCraft and my fave the bladerunner texture pack, but we’ll have to wait and see what happens.   There has been no confirmation when the next update is coming.

The recent title update to the Xbox version added in The End (not to be confused the the sniper from MGS3) and other blocks and features along with the standard bug fixes and tutorial world changes.

The full TU10 update list can be found here.

Would you purchase texture packs for Xbox version of Minecraft?  Let me know in the comments.


9 thoughts on “Texture Pack support for Minecraft Xbox edition?

      1. It might not be that much, I’m just thinking in general here. I can’t see Texture packs costing more than 500MSP though.

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