Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon – Why I think it will kick arse.

You all know that I love Far Cry 3, whats even better than Far Cry 3?  Far Cry 3 with dragons that shoot lasers and cyborgs from the 80’s ……. IT OWNS!!!  I want to share my opinion on why I think Blood Dragon will Kick Arse and be an amazing game.

They could have easily done a Zombie DLC instead

Now I don’t mind killing Zombies.  I am still playing Dead Rising Off the Record every now and again. Zombie DLC could have been done so easily, with all the dead Japanese Soldiers and the Undying Bear of course.  However Ubisoft chose the grab the bull by the horns and make a unique spin off. Instead of Zombies we have Dragons that shoot lasers, and overall bad ass stuff going on.  It has a minigun that shoots neon-lit bullets for god sake.

Laser Shooting dragons

(Photo credit: NewGameNetwork)

Do I really need to say anything more on this?  In Blood Dragon (if rumors are true) you can throw a special rock which will bring down a laser shooting dragon to cause havoc against you and your enemies.  Its basically the same as throwing a rock in the original Far Cry 3.  (BETHESDA ARE YOU LISTENING…. GOOD! I fully expect the next Fallout game to have laser shooting dragons thank you).

The wild life are also “Mutated” versions so you’ll be attacked by Mutant tigers and mutant bears.

Pretty neonish lighting scheme

The lighting effects in this are basically just neon all over the place.  The bullets are lit up, bad guys have neonish lights on them. In fact the whole envrionment reminds me of the Pirate Homeworld from Metroid prime 3.  However this does present a problem ….. those who suffer epilepsy or just value their eye sight may want to avoid this, but damn will this game be fun when I sit and play it in my pitch black bedroom.


I took an …. errr I mean to say that there is this bad ass looking bow and arrow which seems to shoot virtual arrows, AMAZING!!!!

There’s not much more I can say about Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon other than it’s gonna kick some ass.  I hope you all enjoyed reading this article. I really hope that they have a Cyborg Vass in the game, that would make the game 100 times better.


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