A look back at: Bully Scholarship Edition (& Canis Canem Edit)

Bully is one of my all time favorite games, because it sorta gave me a release from all the real bullying I suffered in school.  In this post I’ll be taking a look back at what made Bully such a great video game.


Bully (video game)
Bully (video game) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



What is Bully?


For those that don’t know Bully is an open world game set during the school years of 15 year old Jimmy Hopkins.  The game’s free roaming is akin to that of the GTA series and is in fact developed by R* games who also developed the GTA series.  The game was controversial when it was first released on PS2 for obvious reasons meaning it had to be renamed to “Canis Canem Edit” which translates to Dog Eat Dog.  However after it got released on the Xbox 360, PC and Wii it was reverted back to the original title of “Bully” and was given additional content over the PS2 version with extra missions and the like.


When it was first released on Xbox 360 and PC there was a game breaking bug where the game would freeze for no reason, however a patch was released quickly and has had no problems since then.


Are you actually a “Bully” in the game?


No you are not.  Your simply a kid who wants to stand up for himself. Although bullying is possible in the game, its up to the player whether they want to be a bully or not.


So made bully such a great game?


Because it is one of the most fun games I have ever played, there’s lots to do in it and so far its the only game to make me laugh so hard that my chest hurt pretty badly.  For some bizzare reason I find it funny when I place a “Kick Me” sign on someone’s back, or place a firework in the middle of a hallway to watch everyone get blown up by it. The game tries to go a bit wacky, instead of the full seriousness …… want to know how wacky the game can get, there’s a mission where you have to urinate in a ice box that contains drinks for the football team …… yeah.


It also makes a change from the movies. In the movies you see the “Jocks” as the kings of the school, in Bully you can go to town on them.  Beat them up, put their head down a toilet, throw them in a bin and other stuff.  What is really neat though is forcing them to fight a little kid and watching them get busted by the prefects. (Watch video below)






Bully was the true original IP this gen (and last gen) as there are no other games like it.   Well worth getting if you haven’t had the pleasure of playing Bully it will make you laugh so hard you’ll need to go to the hospital.


However should I be laughing at  a video game like bully? HELL YEAH! Its a video game at the end of the day.  Real bullying is horrific and it shouldn’t be tolerated, so don’t be a bully and don’t be a victim.




Thanks for reading, I’ve never done a post where I look back at why a game is great so go easy on me.





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