Has gaming become about money or fun?

I went on Google+ yesterday and said I dislike the entire notion of “Pro” gamers being given million pound prizes just for playing CoD for a few hours.  I feel I need to blog about this as its something I feel strongly about.

Why I am against it.

The reason I am against “Pro” gaming is because they feel that money outweighs the fun they have playing video games.  Can you honestly tell me you’ll attend a CoD tournament if there is no prize incentive? I guess your answer is no.  Back in the old days people competed in tournaments because its FUN not because it paid out tons of money.

I first became a gamer at the age of five, after playing Alex the Kidd I wanted to be involved in making video games.  If a developer came to me and asked me if I could help them develop their game, I’d say YES! but I’ll do it for free because I believe that the game should be good.  I don’t need money as an incentive.

You might be saying “Whats wrong with getting paid to play video games?”  I don’t have a problem if people get paid to play video games, but when “Pro” gamers only care about money then I do have a problem.

Most video game developers today WANTED to make video games, and I think they’d continue developing video games without the money.


Whats wrong with winning millions of pounds?

If I’m gonna be rich, I’ll get there through hardwork and determination.  If I got there from winning a stupid tournament I’d sit there and find wondering why I deserve the fortune I’ve got.  However working to earn millions ….. that would be something that would make me happy, I can say that I’ve made it my own way through hardwork.

You could counter this argument that it takes years of practice to become a pro gamer.  WRONG! I’ve been playing video games on a near daily basis since the age of five (about 16 years) yet would people class me as a “Pro” gamer….. no.    I’ve had more practice than many of these clans have had in their life time.

Back in the day making clans was part of the fun, and you’d compete with other clans …. FOR FUN but now……. for money.


What else is wrong with pro gamers?

Easy.  First they only play COD and Starcraft.  Does anyone remember when people played Halo 2 at Tournaments? I didn’t think so.

Secondly pro gamers are used as advertisement puppets to try and shift really shitty gaming gear.  The Creative Fatal1ty headset that I owned years back was absolute crap, yet it had an endorsement from a pro gamer.



Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for getting paid to do what you love.   However if you do what you love for money then you don’t love what you do.



2 thoughts on “Has gaming become about money or fun?

  1. Wow, I love you Illage 2. It’s rare to actually hear people talk things like “if you do what you love for money then you don’t love what you do”. Good on you my friend, good on you. Great article.

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