Fallout New Vegas Starting Guide: Where to go and what to do

Its been a long time since I posted my last starting guide and I think I should post another guide.  This guide will not be about character building, but instead about where you should go once you finished your business in Good Springs.  The last thing you want to do is head out un-prepared. With this guide you’ll learn the best places to get some decent starting gear.

The Snow globe

The first thing you should do before leaving Good springs is to grab the snow-globe from the cemetery  to find it just look for the huge water tower and head towards it, and you can find the snow globe in front of a small rectangle grave stone directly in front of the water tower, this will get you 2’000 caps once you reach the Lucky 38 casino. While you’re here you may also want to dig up the graves if you have a shovel.

Location of Snow Globe thanks to Nukapedia.

Yangtze Memorial

The Yangtze Memorial is also hard to miss, its basically a massive cross and isn’t too far from Good Springs, around the place there are duffle bags which usually contain some higher level gear such a a Laser RCW, there is also a shack made out of an Airplane which contains some more minor loot.  However do no proceed beyond the signs as there are death claws past those signs and can kill low level players very quickly.  The duffle bags should be directly in front of the signs.

Credit: Nukapedia

Good Springs Cave

Another location that isn’t too far from the main town of Good Springs is its cave.  Inside there is a dead ghoul who usually has some high level gear on him and on the off chance he may have a recharger weapon which can be invaluable if your looking to save ammo.  There is also a couple of dead wastelanders who have some minor but good loot and there’s also a duffle bag which also contains some loot.   If the dead Ghoul doesn’t have a recharger weapon then he’ll have another energy weapon on him instead, which is still worth taking.

However there are Coyotes guarding the place, but these are easily put down even at low levels.

Location of Goodsprings cave. Credit: Nukapedia


There are other places where you can get loot from, but the above places are where the best loot is to be found early in the game.  I hope you enjoyed this starting guide. I’ll have a money making guide up soon enough so you can see how to aquire the most money in New Vegas with minimal or no cost at all.

Thanks for reading.



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