Blog Updates!

Hello Internet people! (Whoever guess where that came from gets a cookie), its that time once again to bring you all up to speed on whats happening with the blog and my YouTube channel. The blog hasn’t been used as much since I have not had the time.


As you probably all know by now, after the pasting that Aliens Colonial Marines got from “Games Journalists”  I decided to start making my own video game reviews, that offer an un-professional view of a video game.  I am a firm believer that video games should be there to provide fun above all else.  When I review a game I usually play through the Campaign and  maybe a few multiplayer matches before I start my review. I don’t assign games a score as I believe the scoring system is fickle at best.  Can anyone tell me the math behind video game review scores? How are they calculated? I base my opinion on whats good and whats not so good about the game, and I let you all decide for your self if said game is worth getting. On my Aliens Colonial Marines review, I got a ton of hate because I disagreed with the vast majority, and some of the comments didn’t even have any factual information, it was mainly about how  ugly I was, and that my room needed decorating.

I have no problems if someone disagrees with my review, in fact that breeds debate and discussion.

The reason I hate video game reviews by journalists is because they always nit-pick and deliberately look for things wrong with a game.  They’ll paste a game if it has a few minor technical issues instead of judging the package overall, and basing it on how fun the game is.  (Although under this logic CoD would be the wost game of all time)

I also make reviews because its what people want to see, and I have more than a hundred games that I can review. So there shouldn’t be any shortage of reviews on my channel.

I also want to start doing some more gameplay videos, that could possibly be used for my reviews. Although this will take longer, I think it will look more professional and it gives you all a glimpse of what the game is actually like instead of watching me talk to my webcam. I managed to get some video editing software for Windows 8, but its only for very basic stuff, however it works so I’m going to keep using it.

My reviews are generally unstructured so I don’t actually plan them out, I just do them.  Perhaps I should take notes on whats good/bad about a game before making a review, I think it would make the reviews better and easier to watch.


As for this blog, I’m not sure what direction to take it in yet, as I really don’t have the time to sit and write a long blog post, with today being the exception.  I may just use this to extend my video game reviews so that if you can read it instead of watching it if you so desire. I could also link the video review to the blog as well.

You’ll also notice that I no longer publicize blog posts to twitter.  You see I have the facebook page linked to my twitter feed so when I post on the page, it posts to twitter too.  So I just publicize the posts to the facebook page and post to both.  Two birds, one stone. Sometimes I forget to untick the box to publicize to twitter so sometimes I end up double posting on twitter. I apologize for this, and I don’t mean to spam.

You’ll also notice several changes to the website, the theme has been changed and you can now access my YouTube, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter from clicking the links at the top right of the page.

Social links.


You’ll also notice that I’ve removed the infinite scrolling and reduced the amount of posts on the home page, this means you can access the latest posts straight away, and if you want to see my older posts then all you have to do is click “Older Posts” on the home page and it will show more posts.

As for the widgets I’ve removed/altered some of them.

Facebook Widget

  • Resized Widget to better fit within the widget area.
  • Changed its colour to white to fit in with the new theme.
  • Repositioned widget to make it stand out more.

Twitter Widget

  • Resized slightly
  • Changed position to make it stand out more.

Countdown Widget

  • Removed because it wasn’t used or updated.

Latest Posts Widget

  • Reduced amount shown to four to better fit within the theme.
  • Repositioned it under the search widget so it makes more sense.

Meta Widget

  • Added to footer although it may be scrapped at a later date.
  • Widget will not be used by readers so currently testing with this.

Gravatar Widget

  • Can only be seen on post pages will not show up on home page
  • Positioned at the bottom but above the footer and is in the middle.

Thanks for reading.


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