Updates – Account Strike is lifted!

As you probably all know,  back in the summer of last year my account was suspended for two weeks. Even after the two weeks was over I still had a strike on my account that lasted for six months.  Now that strike has been lifted its time for an update.

Live Streaming on YouTube

Yes, this is something I’ve wanted to do for a very long time. With the fact that I was the VERY LAST person to get the streaming ability combined with YouTube not letting me use it due to the strike. I was unable to live stream.  However since the strike has now been removed I’ve tested and tried a live stream and it worked.  So this means more live streaming in the future, I want to get people involved in discussions about gaming etc. I think this will be a really cool idea, and I think I can pull it off.

Picture Annotations

You’ll notice on all my videos, that I now have a picture annotations. This is something else that YouTube wouldn’t let me use, however I now have this feature and by clicking on them you will either be taken to the channel or to one of my videos.  This will help a lot getting people to notice my channel and my videos.

External Link annotations

Sadly I cannot link this blog to an annotation on YouTube, it seems external links are only for funraisers and merchandise stores (like iTunes). I personally think YouTube should re-name this as the name “External Link” is deceptive.

Less playlists.

You’ll have probably noticed that I have less playlists now, this is because I had way too many of them, and have toned down the ammount.  I am also still in the process of reorganising my videos into playlists. Its not easy considering I have more than 650 videos.

Name & Shame

As for Name & Shame, it will not be making a comeback. I don’t want to lose my YouTube channel over them.  However I am currently thinking of a way to deliver Name & Shame videos without using my main YouTube channel.  I don’t want to go to the lengths of making a new Gmail account as that would take time, and using a separate channel can still get my main channel banned. I know this was my most popular type of video, but its time to give it a rest.


Anyway those were some updates to my YouTube channel. Thanks for reading and look out for future content.



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