New Years Resolutions.

Hey everyone, I know I haven’t been creating as much content for my blog as I’d hoped. This is due in part to me using my free time for gaming. I created a few videos during my time off however.  I want to share with you my plans for 2013, however as with all plans they can suddenly change without notice.

Me Circa 2013!

So what do I have planned?

Well the first thing is something I had recently posted on twitter.

Yes I really need to get more content uploaded to YouTube this year, because in 2012 I was lacking in video uploads. The main reason is how long these videos take to upload to YouTube, it’s stupid.  My last gaming video took nearly 22 hours to upload.  So I may be focusing on creating shorter but better content, these may also include Vlogs where I will try and edit the videos properly this time by using my as of yet unused copy of Sony Vegas, yes its a legitimate copy.  (Providing it works with Windows 8)

I am also a lot more active on Google+ since the introduction of the communities feature.  This is where I usually share my content, as it always gets noticed and it also gives people a chance to subscribe to my YouTube channel. I am mainly active in the Gaming community on Google+ so you can find me arguing with people there.

I am not gonna deliver a promise of making tech videos, as I know for a fact that its never gonna happen.  I want to focus on gaming and Vlogs.

My second NYR (New Year Resolution) is to keep my blog up-to-date on a weekly basis, but the problem is finding something meaningful to blog about. I know that my Call of Duty rants and blog posts get the most attention but I don’t want to be a Call of Duty blogger, as then I would be labelled as a fanboy which I am not.


Also make sure you follow me on Twitter, as I am also active on there too.

Anyway thanks for reading, have a great 2013.  Watch out for future content. illage2 out!



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