Xmas Updates!

As I said in my last blog post, I have two weeks off over the Xmas period, which means I have two weeks of free time to do what I need to do on YouTube etc.  So here are what I am planning to do during those two weeks, but one thing you need to remember is that my plans can change very quickly, and I may or may not be able to pull off these plans.

More Gameplay videos.

I know I didn’t upload a video over the weekend, this was due to me being sick so I couldn’t make any.  However, I do have plans to upload my ever popular quest/mission guides as they seem to get the most attention and receive the most comments in a short amount of time. Games I am thinking of making guides for are:

  • Fallout 3 & New Vegas
  • Borderlands 2 DLC
  • Dead Rising: Off The Record Hidden weapon guides.
  • Far Cry 3 Mission guides.

As for the Far Cry 3 Missions, since I’ve already completed the game I would have to start the entire game from scratch, all my weapons and skills will be reset, since Ubisoft didn’t include a “New Game +” mode. Don’t be surprised if I don’t do this. They’ve also nerfed the fire spread in the latest update which means some missions will be harder.

I may also create a Call of Duty commentary video during those two weeks as well.

Battlefield 3 Server

Yes you heard it right,  I want to have a Battlefield 3 server running throughout the two weeks. It all depends on if I can afford it, and should it get popular, I may even extend it for 90 days. I haven’t yet had the chance to play Aftermath DLC since I haven’t actually played Battlefield 3 in a while so I may get the game updated and start playing it again.  If this is the case then I look forward to playing with some of you guys and girls. You’ll probably own me though since I have no idea what Aftermath is like.

More Q&A Videos.

This all depends on you.  I love answering any questions you have in video form.  If you want to see me answer your questions then leave them in a YouTube comment or send them to me over twitter. Instead of doing a long Q&A video for multiple questions, I’ll do one video dedicated to a question, and then later on I’ll pull them all together into a full video. I just find it easier to answer one question a video.

Live streaming on YouTube.

This is a problem for me.  If you remember back in the summer I was banned for two weeks which prompted the removal of my popular Name & Shame videos, it also blocked access to live streaming features until 6 months after I acknowledged the ban, it hasn’t be 6 months just yet. I may have to wait until mid-late January before I can lie stream.  When I get the option back, I’ll do some live discussions and Q&A’s.  However, I may use a different service to live stream for the time being.

Call of Duty Zombies: Open Lobbies.

I  am also hoping to get some open lobbies started on Call of Duty Zombies, so I can have a few games with the community and what not.  However this requires more planning and more time, as a game of Zombies could last for hours and I don’t want it getting in the way of my Xmas plans.

No tech videos.

As I explained a few months back, I am getting bored of making technology videos, as tech has become about who is making the most money and mobile devices.  I’m getting bored with technology in general.  I may upload a tech video, but I am not promising anything.  Most of the tech YouTubers have either given up making videos, or have switched to gaming.  One of the biggest things on YouTube is gaming.  I will never be partnered by Machinima as I like to make content I want to make. Not what they want to make.


Anyway that about wraps it up for this Xmas update.  Thank you all for reading, have a merry Xmas and a happy New Year.


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