Stressed out!

I was going to make a YouTube video on this but I decided that it would have been a lot better on a blog as I currently don’t have the time to make another video today.

So what I’ve noticed is that when I get home from work, I’m tired.  I have something to eat and then go to bed, the reason is that bus travel during the past couple of weeks has stressed me out.   When I get home people ask me about my day,  I just wanna be left alone, I don’t want to do anything around the house because I am tired, and this means that instead of cooking something, I order myself a takeaway.  This life style is gonna put me in hospital.

The reason I am stressed out is because nearly every time I want to get home I end up having to wait in the freezing cold rain or just freezing cold for a bus to arrive and this makes me feel tired which puts me under stress.  Buses are always late, a good example was the other week during the “Big Freeze”(or whatever the opposite of a heatwave is), I was waiting for a 105 back home for 70 mins.  The 105 SHOULD have arrived within 20mins of me getting to the bus stop.   There was no bus shelter or any seating anywhere.  This made me ill for nearly 5 days, I lost 5 days of work because of the incompetence of the bus service.

Now I could find other ways of getting to and from work.

A taxi sounds like a good option, but my wallet doesn’t think the same.  I’m not spending loads of money every day getting to and from work. Taxis are expensive.

I could get a lift to and from work but then again it’s not fair on anyone else. So no I don’t like getting lifts off people.

So you see there is no other way to and from work.

Now the whole situation wouldn’t be so bad if it was during the summer time, I’d rather wait for a bus in scorching heat than in freezing cold, plus it won’t be as dark when I get home which in turn makes me feel safer, which lowers my stress levels.

I’m thankful that I have two weeks off work soon, so I have two weeks to rest up and so on, two weeks to iron out the stress.

I have made a video update on YouTube detailing what my plans are during my time off, but as always my plans usually end up changing quickly, so I don’t know if I can stick to the plans I have made.   I’ll make a Blog post about this soon in case the video did not upload.

I’m sorry for the sheer ammount of negativity in this post, I just needed to vent.  Then again that is what my blog is about.


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