Black Ops 2 – Has it gotten better since the update?

The one thing that still pisses people off about Black Ops 2 is the Lag, now keep in mind this isn’t visible lag, this is hit detection lag.

The short answer: NO!

Long Answer:

Some things have improved, but it still a laggy mess with the hit detection. I’ve also noticed that when my connection is Yellow, I do crap but when it’s green I’m suddenly a better player.

The reason is down to the shitty hit detection that should have been fixed three to four years ago, they still cannot get it right.  Last week I counted several instances where I should have had a kill but I didn’t.   I hate to say this but MW3‘s hit detection is  better in comparison. Why can’t Tryarch get this right?

I’ve also been getting disconnected from more Lobbies since this update, why is this still a problem?  Now before you start giving me shit about it being my connection, lets look at Halo 4 Multiplayer ….. I can play it without getting disconnected ….. Max Payne 3… can play without disconnections, MoH Warfighter, not had a single disconnected session.  You see what I’m trying to say?

Sure you can say that Treyarch were not prepared to have X amount of users playing.  Fucking bullshit! CoD is a popular (Not the best) franchise, you mean to tell me that Treyarch were not prepared for this?

There are also a few over powered weapons such as the Skorpion EVO which seems to be the most fanboyish of all weapons. I’m suddenly reminded of World At War where everyone was using the MP40 and Juggernaught combo.

More OP/OU (Over used) weapons.

  • DSR Sniper
  • Shock Charges (WAY OVER USED)
  • Bouncing Betties
  • Stealth Chopper extremely over powered.

Here are some suggestions which will actually fix the game.

  • Shorten the length of time the Stealth Chopper Stays.
  • Get rid of Shock Charges on TDM and KC
  • Add a Perk like Stalker Pro (from MW3) where it takes longer for mines to detonate.
  • Bring back Sleight of Hand
  • Bring back Pro Perks.
  • Get rid of Hellstorm missles
  • Improve the damned hit detection.
  • Make Dragon fire work on its own if you leave control of it.
  • Keep the promise of less one-hit knife kills.
  • Give us a perk which adds more points to Create-a-Class.

Thanks for reading.




One thought on “Black Ops 2 – Has it gotten better since the update?

  1. Well I know this post is really old but Black Ops 2 is still a laggy, absolute mess of a game which is why I have given up on it, the only reason I haven’t traded it in is because zombies is fun with friends and I have a soft spot for Treyarch campaigns.

    Anyway, as for your suggestions to improve the game heres my thoughts:
    – The Stealth Chopper is an incredible scorestreak, although instead of lasting less, maybe take away the near instant kill.
    – Getting rid of those pesky Shock Charges completely is a bit much, but they are incredibly good.
    – Your wonder perk is Engineer (Although you probably know that by now)
    – SoH was amazing, Fast Mags just doesn’t cut it for me
    – Pro Perks are amazing, I seriously don’t want to know what went through Vonderhaar’s mind when he agreed to getting rid of them.
    – Hellstorm missiles are fun, I’ve never had a problem with them because next to no one uses them (Except on League Play, they’re everywhere there!)
    – Hit detection and lag have always been around in Treyarch games, but didn’t you hear what Vonderhaar said? It’s our fault!
    – The Dragonfire on its own would be amazing, just like the AGR 🙂
    – The knifing is complete, and utter bullshit in CoD, although they will never remove it because the majority of the community enjoys cheap kills.
    – Losing a point to gain more points, it doesn’t really make sense to me, although I love running 4 perks, any less and its weird for me, I’m currently 5th prestige and every single one of my classes since the beginning have had a Perk wildcard (Usually 1, I love hardline!)

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