Getting back into Tutorials.

I made a video as to why I no longer make tutorial videos. However recently I’ve been looking back through some of my older videos, and have had a change of heart about my tutorial videos. I see that my tutorial videos are more viewed than my gaming videos.

When I built up my channel on YouTube it was done using tutorial videos and vlogs and they gained quite a lot of views, in fact its because of these tutorial videos that I have over two thousand subscribers.  However as you may all know I kinda lost interest in creating tutorial videos as no one wanted to watch them any more, with most channels including my own changing to gaming videos.

I want to get back into making tutorial videos. Not just quick Windows tips, but better and more interesting things like HTML and so on. As I am currently learning to be a web developer I might as well pass on some of my knowledge to people on YouTube, and maybe it’ll help you all get the career you wanted.

I will of course still do gaming videos, but on weekends as gaming videos take up a lot of time recording and uploading. Tutorial videos have never taken that long to create and upload, and these are something that I can get done on week nights.

As I said I am focusing on creating HTML tutorials to start with as I can pretty much explain most if not all HTML code, and how to set up a basic file structure, I am also going to show you how to make sure your code is up to standard, and not just slapped on without any thought. This may also include Photoshop/Fireworks tutorials in making web ready images.

I’ll also try and get some basic HTML5 videos done.

I may also go back to doing Windows tips videos too if the need arises.

I need to get my hands on some decent screen capture software like BBFlashBack or Camtasia Studio, so I may have to get a trial of these applications, or I could ask them nicely if they’ll let me use the full software for free.  I could use free applications, but I need Zoom and Pan on my videos as it makes my videos look more professional.


What do you all think of this idea? Good or bad, let me know in the comments, and thanks for reading.



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