Rant: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2.

YAY! It is one again time where I have a dig at a Call of Duty game and tell you why I think it’s not as good as it should be, and then blame someone or something for these issues. (Preferbly “Someone”)

Lag & Hit Detection.

Compared to the launch week of MW3 there hasn’t been that much lag in Black Ops 2, well not for me anyway. If you’re having lag with Call of Duty then nine times out of ten it’s your connection or someone else’s connection that’s the problem. I use WiFi on my Xbox 360, while I never have 100% signal strength it works really well and I am enjoying Lag free games.

However any in game Lag has actually been witnessed in Offline and Campaign, which is odd because neither of these are online, and don’t depend on my connection, so I have no idea whats going on there.

However,  the damned hit detection is the issue. You’d have thought that from World At War to Black Ops 1 and to Black Ops 2 that Treyarch would have solved this issue, but it seems they can never get it right. This means that you’ll not be getting kills on Multiplayer when you should have done, this is annoying especially when in some games I can kick arse but then in the next game the hit detection would let me down.

Hackers, cheaters, modders, lag switchers etc.

Yes it seems that only after a week are people already using hacks and cheats in order to win the game. Now at the moment it’s nothing more than glitching and camping.  Which I thought were not allowed, and there is also a high number of people using modded controllers which I also believe is against the rules set out by Treyarch which I made a blog post about not too long ago.

Strike Force missions

Now don’t get me wrong I enjoyed the Strike Force missions but where is this “Sandbox” mode we were promised?  A Sandbox game is where you do what you want, when you want, for how long you want, you set your own goals and missions.

However I will say that the Strike Force missions are the first time where I’ve seen RTS and FPS games combined seamlessly.

The campaign choices

My worries actually came to light. It seems that the choices in the campaign ammount to nothing more than “Do I go left or Right” choices, and say you kill someone, they’ll just be replaced by someone else. It doesn’t altar or change the story in anyway, other than the ending and the unlocks you get. This was once again an over hyped feature that flopped.


Zombies was pretty good.  However where on earth is the Zombies campaign that we were promised?  All we got were several small maps (even smaller than Nuke town) connected by a glorified loading screen …. I mean bus ride.  What happened to the Easter eggs? What happened to the story? What happened to the music Easter eggs?

Also why is there a four perk limit? Yeah in case you didn’t know you can now only have four perks on at any given time.

Why is it that the map selection screen shows five maps(Look between town and farm for the fifth map), but we can only select three?

Grief is the worst idea ever, 8 players on maps that are smaller than Nuketown? Are you kidding me, it doesn’t work.  The map ends up crowded, and it ruins the fun.



The game is trying to be different from Black Ops 1, but the issues it has makes it feel like the same game.  Honestly it seems that Treyarch haven’t even worked on it enough.




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