Update: Halo 4 videos.

As you all SHOULD know Halo 4 was released yesterday and now its time to get some videos planned and update you all on them.

No Campaign videos

You see pretty much every (Non-CoD fanboy) channel is making Halo 4 Campaign videos.  It wouldn’t be right for me to make my own if other people are making them.  I know that iJustine (Who is fucking hot by the way) and CVG are both making campaign videos for Halo 4 and I’m sure there are other gaming channels doing the same.

Matchmaking videos

Yes I do have plans to make some Multiplayer match videos, after I get used to how the Multiplayer works. As my main issue with Reach was that the Multiplayer was all Slayer DMR’s or Elite Death match and I sucked at the game in general. The last thing you want to watch is someone getting their arse kicked on Halo all the time.

Firefight videos

I LOVE Firefight mode. The one in Halo Reach was really good. I hope the same applies to the firefight mode in Halo 4.  These are videos I will be making, as I fair better in firefight than I do at Matchmaking. No they will not be custom games they will be standard matchmaking Firefights.


Will I be getting the Season passes?

Depends really on what I’m getting vs the cost. If  its cheap enough then yes.  Although I heard that 343 are planning a “Multi Season pass” which basically means you have to purchase a new Season pass each season.  The season passes grant you access to all DLC within a Season. I do have a problem with this however. Its what 343 define as a “season”.


Black Ops 2 is being released next week, are you going to make videos?

Every now and then. I don’t want my channel becoming a CoD channel.  However don’t expect it to happen any time soon.


Thanks for reading.


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